• Workouts, Meal Planning & Healthy Snacking

    June 27, 2017

    As a person who loves to work out and loves to try different fitness classes and cleanses, I hate changing my diet. Up until right before having a child, age 28, I was able to eat whatever I wanted and be able to work out once or twice a week and get away with it,…

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  • 21 Day Fix

    February 10, 2017

    It’s here.  I started.  1st workout=done  Sweating !  I never thought I would like at home videos but turns out I do! Especially the dvds that I can keep.  They guarantee if you follow the regimen then you will see results. I bought this package just with what you see in the box, I should…

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  • Kizingo: Toddler Spoons

    November 29, 2016

    I recently have been finding all of these seriously amazing products that I never knew about or even thought about when I first had Hailey and now I am wishing that someone had told me about these things! Kizingo has made toddler spoons for right handed kids. Who even knew they made right-handed AND left-handed kids spoons?!?!…

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  • Adventures at the Gym -part 1

    November 28, 2016

    When I am running on the treadmill, I can see the from door and the main desk area as well as the daycare. I am on the second floor facing the first floor where all the action is.  And then the people watching begins.  I am not a treadmill tv watcher. I don’t know why,…

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  • Confessions from a Fitbit-aholic¬†

    November 23, 2016

    Hi my name is Jen and I have a problem.  I am obsessed with my Fitbit. I can’t stop. Everything I do needs to be recorded by the Fitbit.  My friend at work gave me her extra one and I am seriously obsessed. Like how did I live life prior to this ?!?!? It gives everyday…

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