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Essentials to Pack in Your Hospital Bag 

Do you wish you had a list of what to put into your hospital bag? Did you have a list but wish you had a realistic list? As a new mom who had a c-section and was in the hospital for quite a bit longer than a regular birth, I wish I had an actual list that I could of used to help me plan what to bring with me. I read the book on what to bring but there was never an actual list that I saw or looked up online. I was not well prepared. It was a good thing my house was near and my family lived near so things could be brought to me, but I would really liked to have been prepared for myself.

I have created a list for you and I will link each product to Amazon so that you can find it easily. I would suggest printing this out and using it as a check list. I am telling you new mommies – it is worth it!

Hospital Check List

____ C Panty

____ Travel shampoo and conditioner

____ Small Suitcase

____ Hair brush

____ Old undies -3-6 pairs or ones you don’t plan to wear again

____ Pads – Heavy  (they will also give them to you. Use them!)

____ Nursing bra

____ Sports bra

____ Pajamas for you ( overhead nightgown way easier – button down too ) (more than one)

____ Pajamas for baby – 2-3 (button up are better)

____ Pacifier

____ Phone chargers

____ Newborn outfit incase for pictures – boy or girl

____ Camera

____ Swaddle

____ Car seat

____ Baby blanket

____ Gloves for hands so they don’t scratch face – girl or boy

____ Hair dryer

____ Flip flops

____ Robe

____ Hair ties

____ Shirt that is easy to breast feed in

____ Boppy pillow

____ Clothes for you to wear home – make sure they’re easy to put on – shirt, pants

____ Bag for dirty items

____ Burp Clothes 

____ Tooth brush / tooth paste

____ Deodorant

____ Lotion

____ ID / insurance card/ doctors info/ container to hold the info 

____ Car seat installed in car

____ Glasses and contact solution.

____ Pillow from home for you

____ Pillow and blanket for hubby

____ Snacks

____ Washcloth

____ Nail file for baby nails

____ Empty bag to bring things home in

____ Movies or iPad or computer or book

____ Formula – just in case


While there is a HUGE list of things to bring, there are also a few things not to bring. This is in case they get lost or stolen and a few things that you just won’t need to use yet but also important to know because unless you went through it, you wouldn’t know!


Don’t bring
____ Jewelry

____ Cash

____ Diapers (hospital gives you)

____ Breast pump

____ Bottles (hospital gives you)

____ Tampons (do not use these yet!!!!)


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