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10 Reasons Why Having a Toddler is the Best

My daughter is 3 years old. After going through the infant stage, toddler stage is the best. I know I haven’t seen many years yet, but you always hear about how the “terrible 2’s” or the “terrible 3’s” and yes – sometimes the attitude can be a little much – however – after having an infant, having a little person you can talk to and have a conversation is huge.

While your child might be approaching the 2’s and 3’s, I wanted to give you something to look forward to besides crying, pooping, sleeping (or not sleeping), and eating. It gets better mamas!

Why is toddler stage the best stage? Here is it:

1. They talk to you. Have you ever had a conversation with a toddler? It is the best. They know so much but so little. They can tell you what’s wrong and how they are feeling. They can tell you what they want. They can even tell you want they want to wear and do that day. Talking is sometimes a downside as well, as they can tell you they don’t want to wear what you picked out and they don’t want to eat what you made for them – but this is preparing you for the teenage years! But talking as a whole is so important because at this stage, you can bargain with them. We use this all the time, “if you want an otter pop, you will put away your toys” or “if you don’t put your shoes on, we can’t go play outside”, things like this that make life so much easier than having a tantrum and not being able to talk through it – you  would be surprised what kids understand.

2. Want to be independent. Toddlers want to do most things on their own like putting on their clothes, picking out their clothes, putting on their shoes, getting their food, opening their food, going on the playground, doing crafts, playing etc.

3. Love to learn. It is so amazing to see how your toddler is learning and processing information. They can actually take the information that they learned and apply it, especially to sports.

4. Have a great memory. They remember everything. Even things from like two months ago, but they remember it! This could possibly be the best time to teach them another language because their memories are so fresh.

5. Interested in reading books. Only recently into age 3 did my daughter become interested in reading or hearing books. It took awhile and a lot of patience on my end but it was worth it. Being able to read the book and have her point on the different things on the pages and what she thinks they mean is amazing (especially as a teacher).

6. Develop a personality. This is the time to influence your child to help them define their personality. Help them by showing them what a great role model is.

7. Have a awesome imagination. The imagination is so crazy – talk to your toddler and hear their imagination! They have such a pure sense of creation without any judgement, it is wonderful.

8. Easier to travel with. After 2, you should buy your toddler a seat on an airplane. This way they have room to play, be calm, keep you sane and there is enough room for everyone to enjoy the trip. Toddlers can also adjust to their nap schedules being off easier than an infant as long as you are calm about this, they will be able to handle it.

9. Tell good stories. Listen to their stories, but one thing you should understand is that they are not always true. Toddlers tend to lie, a lot. About everything – whenever they can. So make sure that if you are asking them something about their school or daycare, that you take it with a grain of salt that it might not of actually happened that way!

10. Have and understand friends. Finally, they will start to remember names of kids in their class or cousins and have friends, talk about friends, want to play with them, etc. The new thing I have heard is “you’re my best friend” and it’s so nice to hear my daughter talk like that, especially since she was a kid who didn’t like anyone in her first year of life.


I hope after reading my I love the toddler stage that you will love it and do love it as much as I do. Enjoy it because remember, they grow up so fast.

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