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15 Free Spring Activities for You and Your Baby




Are you looking for activities to do this spring with your baby that won’t break the bank?


Finding inexpensive activities to do that are fun and meaningful, specifically for the springtime is quite the challenge when you have a baby under 1.


Spring is the perfect time to play outside and use your imagination. The flowers are blooming and the weather is beautiful…


Springtime can bring some rain so I have also included some indoor activities as well.


Here is a list of some awesome and FREE spring activities for you and your baby that won’t break the bank…


#1) Take a walk: Walk around the neighborhood and look at the pretty colors of spring coming through. Show your baby the flowers as you walk by them. Enjoy the warmer weather as you smell the fragrance of spring all around you. Your baby will enjoy the fresh air and you can get some cardio in as well. 🙂



#2) Take a relaxing bath: Soak in a lavender bath with your baby and enjoy some much-needed relaxation. You can even put on some springtime music or sing a lullaby to your baby. If you have a window in your bathroom you can even open your window to let in Some crisp spring air.


#3) Go to the library: Do a story time at the library with your little one and read him/her books about spring. Show your baby picture books of flowers and different springtime sceneries. It’s really never too early to have your baby soak in all of the information. This activity is especially helpful when it’s a rainy day.


#4) Visit the pet store: Is there a local pet store in your area? Bring your baby there! Have your baby observe the atmosphere and soak in all of the cuteness that is puppies and kittens. Of course, avoid this if your baby has allergies. The pet store is a great place to keep your baby entertained and curious about the things around them and helps stimulate their little senses.


#5) Go on a bike ride: Of course, considering if you have a bike already (if not you can always borrow one from a friend). Let your baby enjoy the cool breeze as you ride through parks or the neighborhood. Be careful doing this with a newborn though, make sure you take necessary safety precautions. Overall though, you and your baby will for sure have a blast!


#6) Visit a local water park: Some water parks are actually free, look it up and find a local one in your area and go! Even if your baby is not walking yet, you can still show them a good time (if you don’t mind getting a little wet yourself mama). Sometimes they even have baby areas to where you can have your baby sit, if they are sitting up by now, and play in some sprinkling water on their own, with a close watch of course.


#7) Dance with your baby: You can do this activity literally in your own living room. Just crank up the tunes grab the babes and start moving and grooving. I did this with my son plenty of times during the spring, especially on those rainy days. We both had a blast!


#8) Play in the grass: Bring your baby right outside and plop his/her little booty down on the grass. Let them feel the grass, touch the flowers and soak up the springtime sun! Disclaimer, if your baby has allergies to grass then skip this tip, also, use sunscreen. This is a great way to stimulate your baby’s senses while having some fun bonding time.


#9) The beach: Considering you live by the beach. You can also go to a lake. By now especially if your living up north the sun should be showing its face more often. Which means you can probably get away with going to the beach now. Your baby can play in the sand and soak up some vitamin D while enjoying the peaceful sound of the waves nearby.


#10) The pool: Bringing your baby to the pool is extremely beneficial to them. You guys can enjoy a relaxing time in the water floating back and forth and splashing together. If you live in a neighborhood that has a pool you are all set, Otherwise, can look up local pools in your area that are free, or visit a friend’s pool.


#11) A bookstore: I recently visited a bookstore with my son the other day, and I was pleasantly surprised that they actually have a play area. They also have free story times during certain days and hours of the week. You can check your local bookstores and enjoy the free entertainment for yourself! 🙂


#12) A spring festival: A couple of years ago when my son was under 1 years old we brought him to a Spring Festival and he had a blast! There was live music and we just brought a towel and sat down on the grass and listen to the music and had a fun time. You can bring your own food and drinks in your diaper bag if you want so you don’t have to spend money. You can check your local area for any free events like this.


#13) Go downtown: If your local city or town has a downtown area that usually have a ton of free events happening. Some downtown events that happen in my area during the springtime are egg hunts and Easter craft activities you can do with your baby. Look it up right now and you’re bound to find something.


#14) Visit the Easter bunny: Wherever your local Easter bunny is, usually at the mall, go take a picture with him! You don’t necessarily need to pay for these, I’d just take a photo with my phone if they allow or find an event near you that offers free pictures with the Easter bunny. They have them, you just need to do a little research.


#15) Make a springtime sensory bag: Just go right outside and pick some grass, leaves and flowers. Throw it all in zip up plastic bag that you probably have in your kitchen right now. Let your baby play with the bag and feel the textures of spring. This is wonderful for stimulating baby and promoting curiosity by seeing the pretty colors of flowers in the bag and the green grass and leaves.


If you liked this post on 15 Free Spring Activities for You and Your Baby or have any questions, please leave a comment down below!




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