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3 Day Refresh Results 

These past 3 days I did Beach Body’s 3 day refresh. 

I can tell you it was a really easy to follow. At times it almost felt like my timing was off and I was behind on the drinks and was offsetting the refresh. So I would suggest you do it when you have some time to spread out your shakes and can keep with the timing. 

Everyone said it would make me tired but I think it was the not drinking coffee that did me in. 

The shakes themselves were good I thought. I would definitely get the chocolate vegan again. 

I lost 2 pounds and 2 inches. But I was also working out during that time so I’m not really sure which did that. 

One thing I can say it did was made me more aware of the garbage food that I eat and it gives you a booklet on alternatives to eat, which is helpful especially for now when I am done with the refresh. 

Another review I read was I would feel bloated. I felt a little bloated and didn’t go to the bathroom much. I thought it would be opposite. So I don’t think I really was losing weight or cleansing but that’s just what it felt like. I didn’t feel lighter. 

Overall I would say that if you’re not working out when doing it, then I wouldn’t do it. I would do it again, but I would really make sure I was doing nothing so that I could follow the spread out of time better instead of worrying that I was missing something and crunching in drinks. 

I was hoping for 5 pounds lol…. But I guess 2 is as good as it gets. 

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