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3 Easy Self-Care Actions and $3 off Self-Care Box by Oxford Momma


Self-care is really any time you spend taking care of your mental, physical, or spiritual wellbeing, but it can be harder to do in practice. Always for moms it is difficult to have spare time to get a chance to go shopping, go to the gym, buy new makeup, get a facial, read a book – you name it- it is difficult. It is never an easy task at hand to get to do things for ourselves.

Here are 3 strategies you can use to invest in yourself more.


1. Intentionally schedule “me” time into your planner or calendar. Scheduling in “me” time is really important because otherwise it will never happen. Making appointments, scheduling babysitters, all of these will help you to get that “me” time in.
2. Sit down with a book in your favorite quiet place. The couch in your living room is never the quiet place. Maybe it is at the end of the night when all the kiddos go to sleep, but try to find another quiet location that can be just your own.
3. Practice aromatherapy and try meditation or yoga. Getting an oil diffuser would be a great place to start. Scheduling in yoga classes would be an excellent way to relax. Yoga does this amazing thing where it stops you from thinking about anything during the class.



Every mom needs self-care even if you believe it or not. The Oxford Momma Self-Care box is a great place to start if you are not totally convinced yet. This box helps you to take care of yourself whether you are willing to take my tips or not. There’s just so many days we as moms can take before we flip out or lose it, so make sure you are doing everything in your power to add self-care into your weekly routines to avoid flip outs.





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