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3 Ways Box Tops Help Motivate Children for School After Holidays 

This post is sponsored by General Mills, but all opinions are my own. 
Teachers have it hard when it comes to going back to school after the holidays! Moms can also relate because it is back to routines, back to doing homework and after school activities. After staying home for 1-2 weeks, it can be difficult to get excited about school. It being January doesn’t make it any easier! I know both of these feelings as I am a mom and a 3rd grade teacher! In both situations, we struggle to get that motivation ramped up and need some help with getting kids excited for school again. Here we have highlighted three ways help motivate children for school after the holidays.
Teachers have it hard when it comes to going back to school after the holidays!  We highlighted 3 ways Box Tops for Education motivates children for school! 

Eat their favorite cereal and snacks

If your morning routine is getting difficult to maintain, it is time to switch it up! General Mills products are a great way to start the day. Their products help get your return to school routines back in place. Picking out a cereal, eating the cereal, snack ideas, lunch ideas etc. Creating those routines are exactly the place to start again. Get to Walmart and have kids pick out their breakfast foods. When picking out your cereals, look specifically for the Box Tops. Between 12/16/19 and 1/30/20, you can You can easily scan your receipt using the BTFE app within 14 days of your purchase.  Not only can they get their favorite snacks and breakfast but you can have a Friday night dinner too!

Earn money and prizes

Secondly, who doesn’t love to earn money and prizes? After the holidays, it seems like all the joy is gone and so are the presents. But if you can continue to earn prizes just for eating breakfast and snacks? That’s some serious motivation!
*For every BTFE-product purchased exclusively at Walmart from 12/16/19 – 1/31/20, earn 1 Bonus Box Top. To redeem, your receipt must be scanned in the BTFE App within 14 DAYS of eligible purchase. See www.BTFE.com for App Terms of Service, Official Program Rules and Privacy Policy. This is the best time to get involved, especially for the bonuses!
Box Tops for Educators

Have a friendly competition

It’s always fun to compete with others when motivating your kids. This could be a great time for your child and their best friend to have a friendly competition about how many  they are getting! They can even download the app on their phone! Enjoy the time spent at the store with your child in finding items that have the Box Tops and have them enjoy grocery shopping!

Final thoughts

Overall, January is a hard month and we as teachers and moms need some serious help to make it to winter break! What a better way than to get yummy food, earn money and bonuses for it and then have a competition with their friends? Winning all around! Get over to Walmart today and purchase yourwith eligible General Mills products. You won’t be disappointed!

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  1. We love saving box tops for our school. We get the cute sheets that come home to fill out with box tops, and it is fun to finish them.

  2. my kids, especially my dd, loved collecting box tops.. they did have competitions and she wanted to make sure her group won! now they don’t do it anymore

  3. These are such great ways to think about Box Tops! I always loved their program of helping schools!

  4. Such great ways to think about the Box Top program! I have always loved that they giveback to schools and education.

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