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3 Ways to Combat Sleepless Children

Many kids can’t stand going to bed on time. They want to keep watching TV, have a snack, or hear one last bedtime story. For many people, their nights are filled with tantrums, not peaceful sleep. Kids who don’t get enough sleep have trouble paying attention in school. They often act more irritable because they have difficulty controlling their emotions as well. Here are some ways to combat sleepless children and make sure you and your family members get the rest they need.


Keep a Regular Routine

Send your child to bed at the same time on every weeknight. A bedtime routine can be comforting and relaxing. It will remind your kid to go to the bathroom, brush his or her teeth, drink some water, and take care of other tasks before bed. You can read a few stories or let him or her read by themselves for a while as well. Just make sure that the lights still go out at the same time.

Teach your child to set an alarm clock every night. That way, he or she can eventually learn to wake up and go to bed by themselves. Choose a model with an alarm that increases its volume gradually. Startling your teen awake won’t encourage them to get out of bed on time. On weekends and vacations, don’t let kids stay up or sleep too late. Otherwise, getting them to bed on Sunday night could be tough. You should also keep them away from caffeine or big meals for at least a couple of hours before bed.


Encourage Physical Activity

Children who can check out the local playground, go for a walk, take a martial arts class, or participate in other physical activities are healthier in general than others. After spending a day hiking, exploring an area museum, or even helping you wash your car, your child will feel like sleeping peacefully instead of trying to stay awake.


Make Sure They’re Comfortable

If your child complains about scratchy pajamas, a lumpy bed, too much noise at night, or another issue, make sure you fix the problem. Without a comfortable place to sleep, kids can’t get the rest they need. After your children go to bed, your entire household should decrease activity levels. Watching an action movie, using your microwave, or slamming a door could wake up your kids. A problem with your HVAC system could cause annoying rattling, banging, grinding, or screeching sounds. It could also waste energy and shorten your system’s life.

A room that’s too warm or too cold can also make your kids uncomfortable at night. A Nest thermostat can connect wirelessly with cameras and motion sensors to learn your family’s routine. It will adjust your home’s temperature every night at bedtime to save energy and enhance your family’s sleep. Unlike many other models, you won’t have to spend time programming it. The Nest thermostat can also connect with humidity monitors and adjust your HVAC system to keep moisture levels constant. You can even make changes from your computer or phone.


With these tips and a little patience, your kids will be able to sleep snugly through the night in their beds.


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