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3 Ways To Help Get Your Gut Healthy This Summer

When you are not feeling well, it makes it hard to be a working mom. No matter how you feel, work and children are still there. Many times we are not feeling well and we don’t realize that it is coming from our gut. The gut is composed of a whole host of microbes that affect your physiology and keep your body and brain functioning as they should. With this in mind, we need to find ways to make sure our gut is healthy and in good shape. Summer is the perfect time to focus on your self-care and getting back into shape. This article will highlight three ways for your to get your gut healthy this summer.




The best place to start by getting your gut healthy this summer is to start exercising. Exercising overall can help your body and gut get into shape. When you exercise, you are burning unnecessary fat and sweating out any toxins in your body. Exercise can be done at home or workout at a gym class. Pick which works best with your schedule and stick with it all summer.


The best way to get your gut healthy this summer is to get the right supplements. Gut Connection by Country Life is a scientifically formulated range of supplements that connects the gut to individual health issues that matter. It contains an innovative, whole food fermentate prebiotic that feeds the existing probiotics in your gut and helps maintain its lining. An unbalanced gut may disrupt signals between the gut and brain, causing instability between gut microbiota and the immune system.

In comes the solution: Gut Connection by Country Life is a whole food fermentate prebiotic that feeds the bacteria in your gut and helps maintain its lining to improve your gut microbiome health. Gut Connection is different because it is probiotic-free, so you can take it alone or with your favorite probiotic!


You can purchase a 60-count bottle of Gut Connection by Country Life typically retails for $44.95. They are available at the Vitamin Shoppe and Amazon.






Eat healthy

Lastly, eating healthy can change your overall health. This summer, find the best foods tp help your gut that can improve your overall health. Combined with exercise and supplements, you can keep the weight off and even shed some pounds. This list of foods helps you to see which foods would be best to eat for your gut. Some of the top foods on the list are broccoli, bananas, artichoke, and blueberries.

Watch this video to help learn a little bit more about your gut and why it’s important to start taking care of your gut.


Final thoughts

Take this summer to work on you. Get your health back under control, determine which foods help make your gut healthy and create meal plans, exercise schedules and self-care appointments. By the time back to school comes around, you have will have a new outlook on health going into the winter months.




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