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4 Serious Ways Your Home is Making You Sick

Homes are meant to be a space that we can escape to in order to keep away from unwanted bugs and illnesses. There are often things within the home that can cause you to become sick that you may not even notice. Under such conditions, it becomes really upsetting to stay at home peacefully and leisurely. From mold to your heating, it’s important to keep an eye on these to prevent you and your family from becoming sick. Otherwise, things will become too stingy to carry along smoothly.

What's making you sick in your home? We have found a list of items that carry the most germs and you need to know about it! Read on for more.

Check for mold and mildew

To begin, one thing that occurs in every home over the winter months especially is mold and mildew. These are almost unavoidable and must be dealt with carefully and vigilantly. Due to warm, humid environments mold can develop and cause issues to our health. Some of these issues cause serious damage if they linger on for long.

So, you must crush this issue with iron hands. You often find that mold is found in the bathroom and laundry room. It’s important to check these areas frequently and clean them regularly to avoid any build up. Once they succeed, it becomes difficult to control them with simple methods. Look online for some durable surface cleaner like these to find some quality products that you can use to help keep any mold at bay.


The Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the main rooms in the home that are known for being hubs of germs and health hazards. These are likely to get contaminated too frequently. With moist, damp and warm conditions, bathrooms often see lots of mold, condensation and the use of strong chemicals that can all build up and result in us becoming unwell. The majority of dangers in the bathroom come from cross contamination with shared towels and bathmats. These things really create a hell of nuisance.

You’ll also find that the use of oil diffusers, cleaning products, air fresheners and other products can cause build up and result in germs gathering in certain areas. These areas become the breeding sites for different germs and pests which not only look ugly but also cause a number of diseases. In order to ensure your bathroom is a clean, germ-free zone, you should invest in some quality bathroom cleaning products. Products such as these from Dettol really keep the space as clean as possible. A neat and clean look of the bathroom keeps both your mind and mood fresh.


Food in the Kitchen

Another way our home is making us sick is from food preparation. From food preparation to the storing of food in the cupboards, there are all kinds of health hazards regarding the food in your kitchen. If not taken care of, these hazards can spoil your health and general hygiene. Many people are extremely cautious when it comes to cooking chicken and other raw meats, but often overlook vegetables and other foods that can cause issues when they go off or don’t get cooked properly. Such edibles can cause a number of health issues to the inmates.

Firstly, it’s important to clean your surfaces down thoroughly after preparing any food, as food residue over time can become moldy and result in spreading illness. A lot of families have been reported to have fallen a prey to filthy kitchen atmosphere and are suffering from a number of skin and other diseases. Similarly, you should check your fridge and cupboards weekly to ensure any out of date food has been disposed of, before it begins to grow mold or rot and infect the rest of the area. A tidied-up kitchen along with all its bearing is a guarantee for a healthy and happy family.


In the Living Room

We spend a lot of time relaxing in the living room, watching TV and socializing, but how aware are you of the areas that capture lots of dirt? Quite often, you remain unaware of the sensitive spots of your living room and things keep worsening up gradually until at length, they become too untidy to keep you healthy and fit.

Two of the biggest culprits for germs are the TV and the AC remotes. With constant use day in and day out, you’d be amazed just how many germs live on the remote controls, and many people fail to clean them regularly. They take it very casually and never bother to clean them thoroughly. You’ll also find that your coffee table harbors lots of germs too, so it’s important to use antibacterial wipes or spray daily to ensure this area is germ free.

Same is the case with many other parts of your house. Especially the store room which is more or less the paradise for the germs and other disease causing factors. Unless all these areas are kept clean, you are at a great risk of falling ill.

items in your home that are making you sick
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