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5 Quick and Easy Cleaning Tips For Working and Busy Moms

One of the challenges that most working busy moms face is how to keep their homes fresh. The first impression that people have when they come to the house of a person is whether the home is tidy, neat or not. A fresh home is very inviting, while a dirty home repels. It is always a challenge to clean a home because one will have to run between running errands, raising children and so on. Cleaning your real estate or home requires tenacity of purpose, time, and a strong determination. These 5 cleaning tips for working moms will help to ensure your home is well kept, tidy and nice.



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Have a routine

If you know what you are doing in your home, and why you are doing it, it will help you to quickly get things done without issues. You should have a to-do-list and use it regularly in your house. Having a routine will help you to know things you need to do. As a busy mom, having a cleaning routine will enable you to create time for home cleaning and abide by it.


Get things organized

An organized person gets things done faster than they can ever imagine.  If you are not organized, you will see yourself busy achieving nothing. Being organized will enable you to accomplish so much fairly quickly.  In your home, try to create a system that works.  It is not easy to get things organized, but if you are committed, it can help with cleaning.


Get the kids involved

Regardless of your busy schedule, make sure you get your kids to work with you.  Teach them how to do the home cleaning and encourage them to develop this habit. If you teach them with love, your kids will grow to be doing this domestic chore without your influence. You can start by teaching them simple home cleaning tips such as picking up items, dusting and taking rubbish bags out of the home.

Kids can be cleaning early in the morning before they go to school. Also, when they come back from school or in their free time. Saturdays can be dedicated as a fun cleaning day with the family.  It’s important to encourage kids to develop this sense of responsibility at a young age. It will help them in the future to be more responsible. These cleaning tips for working moms can really help alleviate the stress.


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Clean the inside of your fridge and stove once a month

Inside your fridge and stove should be cleaned at least once a month. Some busy moms find time to clean them twice a month, preferably during weekends. Regardless of your busy schedule, it is important you find time to get this done. These are an excellent cleaning tips for working moms.


Clean floors one day per level

Create a cleaning schedule. If your house is big, and you feel it can be difficult for you to devote 4-5 hours to clean them at a go, create a schedule and abiding by it will help. When you create your schedule, you can decide to be devoting one hour anytime during the week to clean upstairs.

Then, another one or two hours to the bathroom or bedroom another day and then the rest of the house during the weekends. You are expected to choose a day and time that works well for you. For example, if you can spare two hours during weekends, you can decide to be using that opportunity to clean the main floor, and so on.



As a busy working mom, you need to learn how to effectively clean your home; you need to abide by these cleaning tips for working moms above- have a routine, get things organized, get the kids involved, clean the inside of your fridge and stove once a month, clean floors one day per level, and so on. When you do all these, then you will find it quite easy to keep your home really fresh, and beautiful.


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