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5 Great Characteristics of a Consultant







Being a consultant in 2018 is a great career to be in. 2018 is a great year for a career change over because changes in consultant salaries have skyrocketed across  all different niches and industries. The average across the major salary platforms say $75,000. Not so bad right? Indeed.com has salary descriptions for across the United States in different industries. The top industry niches for consulting in 2018 were:

  1. Management consulting
  2. Corporate consulting
  3. Independent consulting


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Since this niche is really beginning to boom this year, Forbes gives you step by step on how to begin a freelance consulting business. Starting a consulting business or taking a consulting job is not for everyone. A successful consultant needs to have specific characteristics and qualities in order for them to do well in their industry. Here are 5 characteristics that every successful consultant should have:


  1. Good Listening Skills. Not all clients will be exactly the same. Some will be introvert’s, others will be extroverts. A good characteristic to have is listening skills because it will encourage clients all to speak more freely. More clients will be willing to work with you if you are willing to listen to them.
  2. Flexibility & Time Management. A good consultant needs to have impeccable time management skills. They should be working on ways to schedules if there is a project that has longer time required, etc. Being able to be flexible with your schedule and adjust based on specific projects and budgets.
  3. Being a successful consultant means that you are persistent. Following up with clients and potential clients and getting things done. Not all clients are very active and can cause deadlines to fall through, so being able to be successful can fall on your persistence and continuing the follow through to make sure deadlines are met.
  4. Social & Communication Skills. Since consultants are known as subject matter experts, it is important to have great oral and written communication skills. The clients that you will be working with will need information given and presented to them and are expecting it to be done clearly and concisely.
  5. Team Player. Working together is extremely important since your work will not only be able what you want, there will be other people involved. Being able to collaborate with multiple people and staying professional as well as cordial is important as a consultant.


Consulting is a very personable business so having quality characteristics is key to your success. Taking these qualities into mind when determining if consulting is for you or the path that you want to take can help push you in the right direction.




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