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5 Reasons Why Subscription Boxes for Clothes are the Best

Being a mom makes shopping tough. Going to a clothing store, finding the clothes and then trying them on all with small children, are all similar to seeing a unicorn – something we would really love to do, but it’s just not realistic! As a new mom, I really struggled with buying clothes because the last thing I wanted to do when I had time without the kids was go shopping for clothes. Have you ever thought about getting a subscription box?

I tried buying clothes online! However, buying clothes online was always a task too. Depending on the site, the clothes could run too big, too small, maybe I am not really that size anymore –  who knows! Something always went wrong. Then the return process was almost too much where you wonder, should I just keep it?

Stitch Fix has been my clothing savior. They let you schedule your box whenever- no monthly fees, nothing. They give you this extensive quiz about your style and give you choices of what you like and dislike. Then you can send them back in a prepaid bag that you can drop off at the desk in the post office and not have to check it in or anything.

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Le Tote is also a really cool opportunity for moms! What Le Tote does is they have monthly subscriptions where you pick out your outfits, keep them for as long as you want and then send back when you are finished and replace with new clothes. You have the option to buy them if you like.


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There are so many perks for moms like me but here are a few:

  • Saves you time and effort!
  • Don’t have to leave your house to buy and try on clothes!
  • With Le Tote you can keep the clothes for awhile and then return them for new ones!
  • You can tell your stylist the type of clothes you are looking for and they will send ones that fit your style.
  • Both are easy to return and you don’t have to pay to mail back.

And most of all…

  • You get amazing new clothes without going to the store!

Are you unsure why you haven’t signed up yet? Click those links above and start checking it out. What’s the worst that could happen? You get some nice clothes without wasting time going to the store?

Not too bad at all!



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