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5 Ways to Bond With Your Distant Teenager

Teens are notoriously difficult to talk to. They seem to know everything. they also seem like they would rather hang out with friends instead of you. You want to connect with them before they become distant. Here are 5 ways to bond with your distant teenager.

Teens are notoriously difficult to talk to. They seem to know everything. Here are 5 ways to bond with your distant teenager successfully!

Cook together

Food is often synonymous with love. You can teach them a wonderful life skill while also spending time with them. They may even really take to it. It may also give you an opportunity to learn their personal food preferences. They may even learn about proper nutrition. If they start to get into health, you can also go to the gym together.

If you see that they like watching baking or cooking videos on YouTube you can offer to get the ingredients so you can try to replicate it at home. Make it something fun and not a chore. You can have your delicious meal as you watch your favorite show together.


Volunteer together

Many teenagers want to feel like they can make a difference and are important. One way you can help build their confidence in their area is to pick a cause they are passionate about and do charity together. You’ll be doing good for the world, and your child will see a socially conscious side to you. If you guys both enjoy it, it can become a regular thing.


Bond over music

Contrary to popular belief, many teenagers do appreciate good music. Everyone loves music, and there’s a lot of great music out there to listen to. Share your favorite bands and albums with your child. Be sure to take some time to listen to music that your teen likes as well. Hopefully, you can find some common ground. Don’t make fun of their music tastes even if you don’t like them. Let them play their music around the house and in the car.

Music is an extension of your personality. They are figuring out who they are and will want to explore with genres and emotions. Get them merch from their favorite bands and let them go to concerts. If you are worried about safety then go with them.

Giving a safe environment to explore their musical taste will help them feel not judged. If your child likes a specific video game, you can even consider getting them the video game soundtrack on vinyl. If your teen has a crush on a band member get them a framed poster for their room. When you show interest in their interests it makes them feel that you care about them individually as a person. This trust will let them share new music, new interests, and will keep communication channels open. Shaming them for their musical interests will just create tension and isolation from you.


Road trip

Unfortunately, many teens dread going on a road trip. However, this can likely change after the fun gets started. Avoid going on vacation at a time when they have social commitments. For teenagers whose lives pretty much revolve around their friends, this might not be easy. If you are going on a business trip consider bringing them along. Stay a couple of extra days and show them around the big city.

Consider offering to take a friend to two to help make the adventure as enjoyable as possible. If they have younger siblings consider taking a weekend trip with just the teenagers. Having one on one time with them will help you get to know what music they like, talk, and create memories together. Go somewhere they want to explore. Take them to a game, theme park, concert, resort, spa, etc. Find their interests and show them you are willing to get to know them. Hopefully your example will breed a sense of trust that they’ll cling on to when they need a safe space in the future. Give them the opportunity to open up by creating a setting where they can be in the front seat with you.


Movie night

Whether you and your teens like romantic comedies, scary movies, or action flicks, it’s something you can do together. Take them to see movies that they’re excited for. You can also spend some weekend nights watching a movie before bed. Make sure it’s a movie they want to watch.

You and your teenager can still maintain a strong bond, even at this point in their life. Be sure not to push it too much, but continue to try.


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