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6 Awesome Team Building Tips Everyone Needs to Know

Team building is an essential aspect of every organisation. Not only does it help the morale but also allows more opportunities for the employees to grow on a professional level.

These activities help the employees stay motivated, maintain a work-life balance and feel more comfortable at work.

The proverb, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is without a doubt true and can greatly affect an organization’s efficiency.

Therefore as a team leader, it is important to conduct regular team building activities and find various ways to encourage corporate bonding.

Hence, in this article, we bring you some of the best team building tips on the internet to help you build stronger and more reliable teams.

1. Think Out of the Box

Three colleagues sharing happiness with each other

The age-old ideas of plain, simple and boring team-building activities are long gone as the world had developed.

Our expectations with life and thus with work have increased, which is why it is important to think out of the box while planning a team building event. 

Planning team building Leicester events in the form of activity centres, office picnics, VR adventures, wine tasting, et cetera are the new trend.

2. Create a Supportive Environment

In the old days when getting to work, getting paid and getting home was all that humans expected, mental needs weren’t as valued as they are now.

In most organizations today, mental health is an incredibly valued phenomenon as it directly affects the productivity and efficacy of an employee.

If you’re in a work environment where you feel supported and understood, it is pretty rational to assume that you would be content with your workplace.

Not only does this keep the team members motivated but also helps them build greater personal relationships with their colleagues.

3. Conduct Regular Corporate Workshops and Seminars

Office team conducting a Seminar

Corporate workshops and seminars often help bring professional growth, team building and knowledge sharing together.

By regularly organizing seminars and group discussions for the team members to share their knowledge and grow professionally, you encourage team building.

With the help of corporate seminars, mentoring and workshops, not only do you help build skills but also motivate personal bonds.

4. Respect Time and Boundaries With Your Team Mates

In order to build a team filled with trustworthy, efficient and hard-working employees it is important to respect their time and boundaries.

Although the occasional overtime when there’s too much work with short deadlines is acceptable, burning the candle at both ends can make your team resent work.

Moreover, when it comes to team building activities, you need to avoid conducting them during weekends or after work hours. 

Not only does this intervene with their personal lives but also makes it seem as though you don’t value their time or plans.

5. Reward Small Achievements

4 people having fun and celebrating

Reward and recognition are one of the most commonly proposed tactics for employee motivation and team building.

If an employee feels that his work is going to be recognized, appreciated and rewarded, it’s natural that he will work harder for the firm.

According to various psychologists, after a point, the money-only compensation becomes obsolete as employees seek to be valued.

There’s no doubt in the fact that money is essential, you can’t expect to run a company based on well-being, but both these things need to go hand in hand.

6. Conduct Icebreakers To Allow Personal Connections

Team meetings, ice breakers, brainstorming sessions, employee feedback, and social events are only a few ways to get your teammates to open up.

Now, of course, you can’t plan a grand corporate social event every week to encourage some fun, personal time for the team members.

However, taking out a few minutes a day to get to know about each other’s weekends, personal lives, and opinions is not very hard.

A team where the members feel cared for and supported is always one that breeds positive behavior and productivity.

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Now that you know all about some of the best team building tips to enhance productivity and encourage a positive work environment, it’s time to execute them.

With these simple tips, you can significantly improve the well-being of your team members and create a commendable workplace environment.



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