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6 Types of Trips Where You’ll Need Travel Insurance

Organizing travel insurance is essential for a range of trips. It provides financial protection and peace of mind for the person or people who are traveling.


More specifically, travel insurance covers the costs associated with flight cancellations and rearrangements, as well as the cost of retrieving lost, stolen, or damaged luggage. It also protects travelers in the event of a natural disaster or national turmoil that prevents them from traveling to their chosen destination.


You can also get travel health insurance that offers coverage for both travel mishaps and medical treatments. If you require access to healthcare facilities, treatments, and surgeries when traveling.

Organizing travel insurance is essential for a range of trips. It provides financial protection and peace of mind for the person or people who are traveling.

When Do You Need to Get Travel Insurance for a Trip?

It’s clear to see that travel insurance is important, but does every trip require coverage? Below, we’ve covered six types of trips that require coverage with a travel insurance policy.


International travel

If you’re traveling abroad, you’ll need travel insurance. This is true regardless of where you’re going.


Travel insurance protects you if your flight gets canceled or the country you’re heading to experiences a national disaster or other types of national emergency.


In these cases, your travel insurance provider will cover some or all of the costs of booking new flights or changing your flight date. Travel insurance offers a safety net for your travels to provide financial protection and a much-needed safety net when you’re traveling to unfamiliar territories.


Most countries don’t allow foreigners to access their healthcare services unless they have valid travel medical or health insurance. Travel health insurance covers medical emergencies, so if you unexpectedly fall ill or get injured while you’re abroad, you can get the treatments you need to regain full health.


If you plan on traveling to a variety of different countries while you’re abroad, get a travel insurance policy that covers multiple borders so you have protection at every stage of your journey.


Family vacations

Those with young children should consider getting a group travel insurance policy when booking family vacations. Many travel insurance providers offer family policies that cover you, your partner, and your children for summer trips with kids.


You can never predict when your children might fall ill when you’re traveling with them. Having valid family travel insurance (or individual policies for each of your children) covers medical expenses if you have to access a hospital or primary care practice while abroad.


Your travel insurance also covers trip cancellation and helps you to get refunds for non-refundable aspects of your vacation that you wouldn’t have been able to access with coverage.


Business trips

If you need to travel for business meetings or client appointments, it’s best to get travel insurance so you’re protected if your trip here is canceled or altered. Your employer may be able to cover the costs of travel insurance for you, so be sure to speak to them about this.


When carrying expensive equipment with you during business travel, an active insurance policy may cover the cost of lost or damaged equipment. As a result, you and your employer can have peace of mind during your trip.


Traveling for a gap year

Many people choose to travel during a gap year abroad between leaving university and starting their careers. If you’re considering this, you’ll need to organize travel insurance as part of your gap year preparations.


Travel medical insurance will cover you if the flight provider cancels any of your flights. You’ll also be covered financially if your luggage goes missing or gets damaged.


If you want to explore more than one region of the world during your gap year, make sure your chosen insurance policy covers travel to multiple countries. Financial protection during your travels allows you to budget more effectively and reduce your financial worries.



Although cruises don’t involve flying, they are still a form of travel that requires insurance coverage. Booking a cruise often requires you to make a large downpayment. Getting travel insurance prevents you from losing a significant amount of money if your cruise is canceled, delayed, or rearranged due to illness, poor weather conditions, or other unforeseen circumstances.


Many travel insurance policies cover you for medical emergencies on cruises. If you need to access healthcare facilities in one of the destination countries on your cruise itinerary, you can do so with a relevant travel and health insurance policy.


Ex-pat travel

Comprehensive travel insurance is necessary for ex-pat travel and living abroad, as this type of travel involves moving to a foreign country. Ex-pat travel insurance often covers health insurance, travel disruptions, and emergency evacuation, providing a nice blanket of safety for you during your travels.


You may wish to get a travel insurance policy that covers your belongings, too. If your suitcase or bags get stolen, lost, or damaged during your flight abroad or traveling in your chosen ex-pat country, your insurance provider may cover some of the associated costs.


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