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7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Having Twins

Expecting twins? You are the next celebrity in your neighborhood! It’s really fascinating how two babies come into this world together. But with great happiness comes great responsibility and hardship.I may not have twins. But as a mother, I can understand what it takes to look for two babies at a time. So, do your research before and get prepared early. If you read this article, you will find what to know about having twins before they arrive.

It’s really fascinating how two babies come into this world together. Read this article to learn what you should now before having twins.

1. Be ready for early delivery

Delivering a twin involves a lot of medical dramas. Much of this is because of the position of your babies in the womb. Twin babies come out as early as a 37th-39th week. This calls for early preparation. You need to visit the hospital often to clarify any complications that you might face. During those weeks have someone around you to take you to the hospital on time. Consult with the doctors and check if they have both Cesarean and vaginal delivery processes ready. There’s a good chance that you will need to go through both types of deliveries.


2. Twice the work, Twice the money & Twice the fun

The thought of having twins can be very exciting. It sure is. Extra work and extra spending also comes with it. Both babies will have different sleep cycles, feeding habits, and health issues. You will need to work more than twice as much as you think. I got a great tip for having twins— buy used things often. Spend little on toys and furniture. Save more and spend on the important stuff for twins like diapers and wipes, which you will need a lot. You might as well need a humidifier for your baby’s room if you are living in a cold dry climate. So, start saving for that. Check out here for more.


3. Double breastfeeding isn’t that tough

Many twin moms opt for formula feeding instead of breastfeeding. Yes, I can understand the thought of feeding both babies can be a bit intimidating. But trust me, it’s not that tough. Twins need breastmilk more than single babies because of their premature birth. It’s just a matter of getting used to the feeling. Once you start feeding them you will know what position works for you best. One of the great tips of having twins is to understand the feeding nature of your babies. One of them might be slow and the other fast. So, you will need to adjust accordingly.

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4. Can’t sleep when the babies sleep

One thing you will always hear when you are expecting a baby. “Sleep when they sleep”. This might work for singleton moms. It won’t work for you. It’s common among twins that if one sleeps the other stays awake. It might be how they were used to sleeping in your womb. You will have to spend many sleepless nights. It might seem impossible to do that. So, you need to prepare before the delivery. Put your alarm on 30 minutes interval. Wake up and sleep. Oh yes! You need to adjust yourself to this. Otherwise, you will end up staying awake like me for days.


5. You are more likely to face health risks

Being pregnant with twins can call for several health issues. The most common among them is pre-eclampsia. It usually happens after 20 weeks during pregnancy. Chances of liver damage and placental bleeding become quite high. You also can’t rule out gestational diabetes. It’s not life-threatening if your babies are not way too big. Morning sickness is another issue you might face during the first trimester. You can tackle them all with proper diet and consultation from doctors.


6. Bigger bumps and comments Living through hell

This is what you need to know about having twins— you will get lots of negative comments! You might think “seriously! Why should people be so rude?” It’s about your body. Your body will become way bigger than normal pregnant women. Some people will have a hard time to accept your unusual bump size. They might say oh! That’s too big, Oh! That’s too weird and what not. The extra attention can overwhelm you pretty quickly. Stay away from such people. Interact less with negative people. Embrace those who understand your situation and stay close to the ones who truly love you. Trust me. You will need that a lot.


7. They are never the same

You are wrong if you think twin babies are similar. They might be identical and share lots of common traits. But in the end, they are two different individuals. One might be soft and shy and the other naughty and restless. If you start treating both like a single baby, you will quickly misguide them. Understand their nature and treat them that way.


Last few words…

Don’t stop searching for what to know about having twins. There are lots of other things that I couldn’t talk about which might help you. It’s a long marathon, my friend.  I feel you. But you are not alone. Seek help and surround yourself with other twin moms who have walked the same road.  You will feel much better and safer that way. 

It’s really fascinating how two babies come into this world together. Read this article to learn what you should now before having twins.



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  1. It’s really nice to read your post. You are so courageous and inspirational. You can handle twins, but I can’t. I have only a 4 years kid and I face a lot of difficulties to work everyday at home. My suggestions are nothing has ended. Just wait and keep doing whatever you want to do in your life.

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