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7 Ways to Organize a Backyard Party

During the warm season, outdoor parties are extremely common. Whether you’re expecting a wedding or a birthday party, we can all create a stylish and festive atmosphere in our backyards. To make this even easier to pull off, it’s worth taking a look at the most popular backyard party trends. What solutions are worth trying at your backyard party, and how to organize them all? We will tell in this article.

What solutions are worth trying at your backyard party, and how to organize them all? We will tell in this article.

1. Bulb Vault

Although the decoration of the yard with bulbs is already somewhat outdated, a circular form of decoration gave it a new life – today such an idea has become especially popular. All you need to do is to purchase fairly long garlands of round-shaped bulbs and decorate one edge of the tent or awning with them – the roof and the wall. In the past, such an idea was used only during luxurious celebrations, but now anyone can use it. Such decorations will give the party even more fun and allow you to create a slightly magical atmosphere.


2. Printed Holiday Decorations

Printed holiday decorations in the form of colorful lettering made up of individual letter cards are one of the cheapest ways to highlight a birthday party in nature with a modern atmosphere. You can also make such lettering yourself – all you need are ringing words and a beautiful font on the cards. However, if you don’t want to waste time, you can find many printed inscriptions among the decorations available today – they will surprise you with both originality and a stylish appearance.


3. Long ribbons background

A wall of bright long ribbons is not difficult to make: all you need is to make crepe paper of different lengths and colors and attach it to the wall by layering them on top of each other. So you create an impressive background, perfect as a holiday decoration. Such walls are still not out of fashion, so depending on what kind, adult or children’s outdoor party you organize, you can try other backdrops.


4. More captured moments

Whether you’re planning a birthday party or an outdoor baptism party, you can currently capture even more moments than usual. An instant camera is best for this, but you may as well use your smartphone. Most importantly, guests should have enough ideas for new personal photos, so you should take care of the accessories for the photo session beforehand.

Your holiday can be complemented by another original entertainment: a photo area with fun accessories in the form of mustaches, crowns, funny glasses, and other attributes that will delight all the guests. It is not unreasonable to arrange the gift basket delivery, which will complement the photographs with brighter colors and freshness.


5. Country Themes

The yearning for regular travel has moved to parties in recent years as well – so during a pandemic, it will be a great opportunity for you to invite friends to themed parties that represent a particular country. By choosing this style of party, it will be much easier for you to buy the right decorations, pick the entertainment and create a menu. Even better, if you choose to dress like the people of your chosen country are dressed – this will give even more fantasy to the exclusive photos!


6. Sustainable solutions

After parties, there is usually a huge amount of garbage and waste. As a result, natural materials and eco-friendly solutions are increasingly prevalent in the trends. Little by little, metal straws and wooden cutlery will also take their positions… It is suggested to make decorations from what you find at home – then your party will have an even more sustainable approach.


7. More personal contributions

In recent years, decorations that you touch yourself have become fashionable. Whether you decide to experiment by seating guests at a table of your own making, surprising them with new dishes, or decorations created with your own hands. Such ideas will be very welcome. Also, it’s important to make everyone at the party feel welcome. In such cases, board cards and games are especially useful. You can safely experiment and use your imagination – the green light is on for all your experiments, so you can use unconventional games for your celebrations as well.

The trends above will help you easily organize a stylish and cozy birthday or outdoor wedding. Don’t forget the details that will provide coziness, and do everything with love – and it’s sure to reflect in the result!



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