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8 Tips to Manage Your Business During Maternity Leave

The moment you find out that your family is growing is probably one of the happiest moments in your life. However, if you are running your own business, you can’t help but wonder how will you cope with all of that. Will the work suffer when you’re gone? Can you have it all? You can be the woman who has it all. You just need to make the right decisions. With the following eight tips in mind, you’ll be able manage your business on maternity leave.


1. Think about your business’s situation

Before you start planning and organizing for what’s to come, take a moment to realize how you stand with your business. It’s not the same when your business is a developed company with loyal clients. Or, when it is in its infancy. In case you have a steady business you’ll be able to take a longer break. On the other hand, if your business is just starting to emerge, you’ll need to be more actively engaged during the maternity leave. Be realistic about your situation and prepare for work flexibility.


2. Put it all on paper

The maternity leave won’t be a break from your work. It will demand more dedication than your business. That is why you shouldn’t overwhelm yourself by trying to memorize all the obligations. Get everything from your head onto paper. Create a general business plan, write down all the upcoming events, and make to-do lists for your employees. Accept that your life is going to get a little bit more complicated. This means that you shouldn’t burden yourself by trying to remember it all.

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3. Find your person of trust

As hard as it can be to leave your business in someone else’s arms, you’ll have to give away some power. While you’re taking care of your newborn baby, you’ll need someone who can take care of your business. This is the crucial moment when you need to think about your employees’ virtues. A trusting, capable, and reliable person will be the best fit for the job. Even if you don’t have anyone on your team who fits the role, find a new employee. Welcome a new member of your team who is an expert in your field. You’ll have enough time to train him or her before you have to leave.


4. Be actively involved

Another way to manage your business during maternity leave is to be as involved as you can. Thanks to the era of technology, we can keep track of anything and anyone. Your business is no exception. Even when you are not physically present, ask your employees to inform you about all the important decisions. Those future moms who have trouble with passing over the control will be especially grateful for technology. The employees can send you emails, inform you of crucial offers, and even send you pictures or scans of important documents.


5. Prepare for what’s to come

Pregnancy is an unexpected process. While some women almost don’t notice the difference, others go through a roller coaster. Morning nausea, hyper-sensitivity, and exhaustion are some of the possible symptoms in pregnancy. Be aware that you’ll need to adjust your work hours to your health conditions. If your body needs more rest, adjust the schedule accordingly. One of the perks of being your own boss is setting your own work hours. Understand that you’ll need to be flexible and increase or decrease the workload depending on your possibilities. Just remember not to be too hard on yourself if you can’t meet your expectations.


6. Delegate the tasks

When trying to manage your business during maternity leave, organization is key. Try to organize the work as much as you can before you go. More importantly, leave your employees with clear explanations of their responsibilities. Organize and delegate the tasks so that there isn’t any confusion when you’re gone. When each of the employees focuses on one process, your business will run more smoothly. If you have any important upcoming project, work through all the details in advance and prepare the employees for your absence. Teach them how to organize themselves effectively while you’re gone.


7. Rely on your close ones

When times get hard, your family and friends should be there for you. Don’t hold back to ask your close ones for help. Whether you need someone to check up on your employees or you want some help with the baby, just ask. They’ll probably be more than happy to do it. If you are an independent woman who isn’t used to codependence, this can come as a challenge. However, you need to accept that there isn’t just you to worry about anymore.


8. Automatize as much as you can

The best part about digital tools is that they can help you deal with upcoming obligations in advance. Do you want to keep your social media profiles active? Do you want to send reminder emails? Automation tools will help you get ready for it all. Prepare and schedule your social media posts to give yourself some more time to rest. You can do the same for emails. If you have a planned event or an upcoming sale, write and schedule an email that will be sent out to your contacts. With so many automation tools just a few clicks away, it will be a shame not get some use out of it.


Over to you

Managing a business includes managing any challenges that come your way. When you feel that you won’t be able to do it all, just remember these tips and keep going. Lastly, don’t forget to be proud of yourself. Creating a new life is admirable enough, but doing it while running a business is a real superwoman skill.


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