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A Morning Routine Can Help Moms Stay on Top of Their Game

In motherhood, it seems that a lot of days we end up in survival mode.  We have an optimistic list of to-do’s, yet as the day gets going somehow we realize that it’s going to be a day of chaos.  If life feels disordered more often than not, it can chronically ramp up our stress levels.   Chronic stress leads to less productivity in work and family life, feeling short with our loved ones and co-workers, and feeling “blah.”


Chaos should be the exception not the norm.

The typical vision of a morning for a mom involves running around the house in a panic getting everyone organized and out the door, with little time to put any thought into the day.  However, you will be happy to hear there is another way.  And it’s really quite simple. If you can schedule even ten minutes for yourself each morning, your day will completely change.


How we begin our day is usually how it ends.

If you start your day feeling unorganized and stressed, you are setting yourself up for a day of misery.  When waking up in the morning, the best thing you can do for your sanity is to take a moment to decide how your day is going to go.

Morning Routine
Start your morning with mindfulness.

Here are some simple ways to get your day started on the right foot:


  • This can be as simple as sitting up in bed and taking 5 deep breaths in the morning before jumping out of bed.  Meditation has been found to promote a sense of well-being and balance hormones; and it starts with just one breath!  If you are interested in more formal meditation try guided meditation (there are lots of free options on YouTube).

Keep a Journal. 

  • A journal is a great way to get your jumbled thoughts on paper and help you focus on your day.  Journaling can be a place to vent, brainstorm, or just let go.  Another great option is keeping a gratitude journal.  Make a list of the things you are grateful for, try to be creative and include both big and small items.  This is a great way to keep a positive perspective and be thankful for that amazing life you have, even if its hard some days!

Keep a Planner. 

  • It can be easy to quickly forget your plans for the day when you are in a rush.  Take time to right down to-do’s in your planner, goals, and appointments to help you feel on top of your schedule.  Just remember to check your planner and add to it each morning so you are consistent.

Have a Mantra or Daily Affirmations.

  • The mind is such a powerful tool.  Repeating a sentence through writing, reviewing, or saying it out loud is a great way to feel empowered in your daily life.  Find a quote that resonates with you or write down areas of life you want to improve on (i.e. I am a patient mom, I feed my kids healthy food, I have great time management skills for work, etc).

Read Something Inspiring.

  • Even if its just one page at a time, find a book, magazine, or article that motivates you to learn, explore and be your best self.  Whether it’s a fiction escape, self-development or a topic of interest, enjoy it!  Stimulating your brain and imagination outside of work and family life can have a big impact on your life outlook.

Daily Exercise.

  • This is so important for staying healthy and managing stress.  Plus, if you get your blood moving in the morning it helps stimulate both your digestive system and brain for an even more productive day.  Even if you prefer to workout at night, try to at least get in a few minutes of exercise each morning.  You can get in some basic exercises while you’re waiting on your kids or look up a popular “7 minute workout” for inspiration.

Put Good Things into Your Body.

  • When you wake up in the morning, your water and sugar levels are depleted.  The top priority should be re-hydration with a big old glass of water or tea.  From there, feed your body fuel that will help you stay focused on your day without crashing mid-morning.  This means healthy fats, protein and little to no carbs or sugar.

Get a great coffee machine

  • Finding a great coffee machine can be the beginning of a successful morning routine. If you don’t have a great coffee machine, this is the time to invest in one. Have the option of making a pot of coffee if you have to share your coffee machine with others in the house, or using single pods. Sometimes you are rushing and only need one single pot. And sometimes you need a whole pot of coffee. The Keurig® K-Duo Essentials™ Coffee Maker is amazing for that you don’t have to have two bulky machines in your kitchen. This machine has both the ability to make a full pot of coffee or one single cup. You can buy this amazing machine exclusively on Walmart’s website.

k-duo essentials coffee maker for morning routines

It doesn’t have to be complicated, just consistent.

All of the above listed options are great things to add to your morning routine.  Even if you can only spend a few minutes on each one, you will immediately notice a difference in your ability to cope with each.  If certain options resonate with you, start with one or two of those and then go from there.

Morning exercise

Thoughts = beliefs = actions.

When you start your day with less stress and more positive brain waves, they will carry through your entire day.  Our attitudes and general demeanor regarding our life tends to affect the way we live our lives.  So maximize the good vibes if you can and set yourself up for success with healthy morning habits.

BONUS:  Get your kids involved to cultivate their mindfulness and health habits.

A morning routine is great for people of all ages.  If your kids start noticing how awesome your mood is each morning and they are intrigued, think about getting them involved.  This will teach them great life coping skills that can carry them through a mindful and successful life.


The bottom line is to do what feels right for you.

Having a morning routine should help optimize your day, not leave you feeling stressed.  Be graceful with yourself and start realistically.  When you prioritize yourself each morning, you, your family and your work life will benefit!



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