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About Me

by aadil aster

About Teach.Workout.Love


Jennifer O’Shea

Born: March 28, 1985
Hometown: Yonkers, New York
Present Location: Spokane Valley, Washington
Get in touch: teachworkoutlove@gmail.com



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What is Teach.Workout.Love?

Since 2015, Teach.Workout.Love has been established as a mom about motherhood and lifestyle, written by a working mom that is a military spouse. This blog was created with the belief that as a toddler mom who worked and was a military wife, I had a lot of knowledge, ideas, advice, and writing skills to share with other moms and women just like myself. On this blog, you will find everything about toddlers, motherhood, advice for moms, military spouses, working moms, events, products, blogging advice, mom fashion, and beauty tips and products for moms. 


What I Believe:

I believe that moms have so much knowledge to provide to the world. We experience 9 months have growing a baby and then bearing a child to learning to raise a tiny human based on our own motherly instincts and random people’s advice.  Being a mom has changed my entire life and has shaped me into a better human. I believe that moms should share everything that they know and have learned along the journey of motherhood because there are women everyday who are joining the path to motherhood and have no clue what they are doing! Moms need to stick together and help each other out in whatever way that we can, and even if it is being able to write and share about out motherhood journey, then that is what we need to do.

How I Started Blogging?

I started blogging because I had started doing research on topics of being a mom. I began reading some pretty amazing mom blogs out there and they were so inspiring. I knew that I knowledge of topics that I thought would help other moms like me on many different topics from motherhood to working to being a military spouse. Not only did I want to help other moms, I wanted to make mom friends! I am so glad I made the choice to pursue my dream.

Who Am I?

My name is Jennifer and I am a working mom blogger and military spouse (MilSO) and I live in Spokane, Washington.


I work full-time and I am a toddler mom -AKA Super Mom! My profession, besides being a mom, is teaching and I am a 3rd grade teacher and have a National Board Certificate in teaching, which is a pretty big deal in the teaching world. I am in my 5th year of teaching now and I can 100% say that becoming a parent was the best thing for me in being a teacher. It gave me a different insight on children.


I love writing. Being a professional writing is my passion. My blog is about being a mom who does it all. I know there are tons of moms out there just like me who works full-time with a toddler. I began blogging to learn from others about their experiences with motherhood and after reading many different mom blogs, I knew that I had a lot of valuable information to offer other moms too. I am also a freelance writer and blog for many websites. Check out my Freelance Writing site.


Prior to living in Spokane, Washington, we lived in New York City. Being a military spouse means that you move when the army tells you to.  I was (am) a die hard New Yorker, but I do love being a Spokane Mom! Life in Spokane has been amazing for me and my family. Everything is family oriented and it provides us with being able to have time to spend together. Even though life is much slower, it allows you time to become a nicer, more tolerable human – and in turn deal with people (because we New Yorkers don’t deal well) whose pace of life is much slower and everyone is nicer!


Some of my hobbies that I love to read, write, drink coffee, do both of those while drinking coffee and I love yoga, fitness, biking, and laying on the beach. I love fitness – I usually focus on Barre and Yoga. I dabble with running 5ks and walk marathons. I only recently got into loving fitness though, prior to having a baby, I was not all about fitness. Biking is the new fitness fun we have been adding into our days. Kayaks and paddle boarding are awesome as well.

Now grab some coffee and check out my blog!