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Adventures at the Gym -part 1

When I am running on the treadmill, I can see the from door and the main desk area as well as the daycare. I am on the second floor facing the first floor where all the action is. 

And then the people watching begins. 

I am not a treadmill tv watcher. I don’t know why, but I never got into it. I am not a music listener either. Both things I know would be more distracting to me but I just can’t. 

People watching at the front of the gym though? That is amazing. 

Let alone acknowledging the people that are upstairs in the gym with me, well that is a different beast in itself. 

There is one thing I don’t understand. How can you bring McDonald’s into a gym and feel like you are doing a good job at life ?

Even if it’s not for you and you aren’t working out, does giving it to your other kid to eat while the other ones swimming and everyone is sitting there drinking a 500 calorie latte AT THE GYM ?! 

I don’t get it. Then wouldn’t you like, feel bad about yourself at some point when you see people visibly older than you in serious better shape and healthier ?! 

Maybe it’s just me now and not be back when I was in college and not be before the baby. But like now as an adult with a kid, I feel like I need to get onboard with real life here. 

McDonalds at the gym is NOT OKAY. 

I don’t hate ok McDonald’s.  I will even get my daughter happy meals once in a while but DONT BE SELFISH!!!!!! 

All these people are upstairs working out and getting rid of their food cravings that made them decide to work out and now they are smelling McDonald’s, because you know it has a very strong smell, and getting hungry!!! 



Rude !!!

Hence why they only have smoothies at the gym because you can’t smell them!!!!! 

And there I am wondering what the hell did I do to deserve this running on the treadmill and counting down the minutes to when I can leave AND GO EAT FOOD !!!! 


Mission fail. 

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