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Air Conditioning Out? 4 Ways to Keep Cool While Waiting for Repairs

The summer can certainly be blistering hot in many parts of the country. Unfortunately, many homeowners face their worst nightmare. Their air conditioner dies in the middle of a heat wave. However, repairmen or air conditioner installers are not always on call. You may have to wait for days for an appointment. Even just a couple of hours can be uncomfortable. Thankfully, you don’t have to die from heat exhaustion waiting. Below are four ways to keep cool while you wait for your air conditioner to be fixed.


Close Your Blinds

Keeping cool without the air conditioner running requires preventing as much heat as possible from entering your house. Closing doors and windows can only do so much to keep the heat outside. You also need to be mindful of the sun. Close your blinds and shut curtains. Preventing the rays of the sun from entering your rooms will help them to cool off a good deal.


Go on a Trip

To be honest, not having air conditioning can truly be insufferable in places that already have warmer than average climates like in the Southern US. It can even be dangerous for the elderly and other at risk groups. While waiting for AC service, consider going on a short trip to somewhere fun. It can be a good break from the monotony and save you from suffering in an oven like home.


Stay Properly Hydrated

However, if you do have to stay in your home, make sure you are always properly hydrated. Being hydrated actually lowers your body temperature and helps you to feel cooler in general. It’s also a good safety tip to remain hydrated when it’s hot. When it’s hot, you sweat a lot, and that can eventually get dangerous by leading to dehydration. Always make sure you have a cool drink nearby.


Run Your Ceiling Fans Correctly

Ceiling fans help to circulate the air in a room and keep it cool. However, the blades of a fan need to be running in a counter clockwise direction during the warmer months of the year. The reason why is because this counter clockwise motion will draw heat upwards and away from you. It will make every room with a fan cooler than it would be otherwise and help to circulate cooler air throughout your house even without an air conditioner running.

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Final thoughts

Overall, being hot indoors during the summer can not only be uncomfortable. It can also be dangerous. Hopefully your air conditioning repair will be quick and convenient, but whether it is or isn’t, these tips can help you stay cool in the heat of the day. Do what you can to stay cool while you wait for your air conditioner to be repaired or replaced.


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