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An Exciting New Hobby for Moms While at Home: Vlogging

After being stuck at home for a while, doing the same old things tend to get boring. It is time to come up with a new hobby. Vlogging is a new hobby that can be a great success if you put your mind to it! So how can you get started? Here is the best way to understand it and start vlogging.

Vlogging is a new hobby that can be a great success if you put your mind to it! So how can you get started? Here is the best way to get started.

What is a “vlog”?

Even in the earliest days of the internet, it was already common among users to share their thoughts and experiences with an audience of strangers. The practice began with Usenet—essentially the precursor to what we now know as online forums—and quickly spread from there. Then came the “web log” after people started learning how to put together their own webpages. As the name suggests, it’s a log (as in a record) of a user’s favorite links on the web, often with bits of commentary added to each one.

From there, users began to use their web logs or “blogs” as online diaries, chronicling their day-to-day lives and posting them publicly. The activity gained mainstream popularity in the late ‘90s with the rise of blog hosting platforms such as Open Diary, Pitas, LiveJournal, and Blogger. These websites made the process more user-friendly, allowing people to set up their own blogs even if they had little to no knowledge of HTML or even how to build a website.

Our desire for connection and to share our experiences with others is intrinsic to us as humans. That’s why it made perfect sense for blogging to shift to video once the technology to do so became more widely available. Video blogging or “vlogging” as it’s known today lets people show the world what they’re doing instead of by written word. Anyone with a camera and an internet connection can now independently upload their content through sites and apps specifically dedicated to user-generated video content such as YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, or Bigo Live App.

If you’ve always wanted to be the star of your very own show, vlogging is a great place to start. Here are a few activities you could try filming yourself doing. They can all be done at home!


All About Food

Food has a remarkable ability to both connect and comfort people, which is why it’s an excellent subject for vlogging. It’s also familiar content—everyone eats! If you love eating or making food, there are countless ways to showcase it through a vlog. Your content can range from the kind that requires little to no skill at all, such as taste tests, food rankings, or the recently-viral phenomenon called mukbang. This is where all you have to do is eat in front of a camera while interacting with the audience.

Those who happen to be a dab hand in the kitchen, meanwhile, can film themselves preparing recipes or demonstrating techniques in an educational, “how-to” fashion. You’d be surprised at how many views you’ll get from something as simple as how to prepare a steak or illustrating how to prepare fried rice from the leftovers in your fridge.


Home and Garden

Even if the restrictions regarding outdoor movement have been eased in many places worldwide, most people who can will probably opt to stay indoors—at least until a vaccine or a cure for COVID-19 is found. Content focused on activities that have to do with maintaining the home or garden can be useful during these times, plus it can be incredibly soothing for both you and the viewer.

Millions of people found joy just from watching Marie Kondo teach strangers how to purge their homes of things they don’t need! You can practice and share that same feeling by vlogging the experience of cleaning your own place out. Do you have some knowledge on how to spruce up a space or repurpose old things around the house? Put together how-to videos on those subjects. Finally, you can never go wrong with a gardening vlog. Create vlogs chronicling the progress of an outdoor plot, putting together an urban garden, or offering general advice on how to grow vegetables indoors.


Beauty and Skincare

Have you always wanted to be a beauty vlogger? Why not start now? Most of us are cooped up indoors, and beauty-related content racks up millions of views! You don’t even have to be a professional in the business. Most content creators in this category started as amateur makeup artists, teaching their tips and tricks to a similarly amateur audience.

Also, you can film yourself conducting a makeup tutorial. Another option is to talk about your favorite products or do a review on some of your latest purchases. There’s even an audience just for unboxings and hauls of cosmetics and skincare products where you can show off things that you’ve bought recently.

women doing an interview for vlogging

Physical Fitness

Another consequence of having been cooped up indoors for so long is that it’s inevitably made couch potatoes out of most of us. Fortunately, there are plenty of workouts that you can do indoors. By vlogging yourself doing them, you’ll be able to keep yourself accountable and stay motivated! If you’re already a health buff, you can share your knowledge by putting together home workout videos that others can follow.



These are only a few ideas to get you started on the road to vlogging! You don’t have to limit yourself to them at all; the idea is to present yourself in an original and engaging way, even when you’re covering an activity that someone else has already made a video about. Basically: just have fun! When you do, the audience will surely have fun watching you.


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