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Are Women Treated Fairly in the Workplace?

There has been a lot of improvement in recent years in terms of equality and focus on women having equal opportunities in the workplace.  Even in 2021, it is unfortunate to say that although a lot of progress has been made, we aren’t quite there yet. In the workplace, there is still a level of inequality in some industries, businesses or countries.

Regulations around this will ensure equal opportunities in most countries. However, even with this, we continuously see a level of injustice.  It is important that if people are subject to this, that they do not remain quiet and they stand up and be heard.

In the workplace, there is still a level of inequality in some industries, businesses or countries, especially with women. Here's our thoughts

Time Off

To begin, women will generally have more time off work than men.  The biggest reason for this is that they are the ones that will carry a baby in their womb for a period of time if pregnant.  There is still sometimes a stigma around this from businesses and they sometimes even go to the extent of not employing women if they know they may need time off to have a child.

This is clearly both unethical and unlawful.  It is also sometimes hard to prove but the companies own equality statistics may help paint a picture of the overall company balance of genders.

Act if Treated Unfairly

As it is unlawful for firms to behave in such an unethical way, they will be prosecuted if found guilty in a court.  Some will include sexism and the courts will not look favorably on any company if this is proven.  This is why why companies like the Workers Compensation Attorney Orlando work hard to ensure equality for clients and will take the cases to court if required.

If a company is found guilty of sexism, they’ll be fined quite significantly, affecting their bank balance and can ruin a company’s reputation. On the chance that the press picks up on a company being fined for sexism issues, it could be all over the media.  A good place to find support is leotrialgroup.com.


Industry Preferences

Also, if you look at specific industries, there is sometimes some of these more popular to one gender than the other.   Examples of this could be firefighters or engineering are more popular with males.   This is all ok as long as females are getting the same opportunities as the males to join these companies and progress.

Some companies will also recognize this gap and “positively discriminate” towards a gender to try and help with the bridging of it.  This in itself could have negative consequences for the other sex. This person might have applied for the role but may not be taken on due to the company trying to increase the female genders in the company.



The key to all of this is about treating people equally.  There is still unfortunately a lot of discrimination out there and when it happens, we must call it out.



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