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Baby Shower Gift Ideas: Crafting with Onesies

Whether you’ve been put in charge of dreaming up the perfect baby shower for your friend or family member, or you’re just seeking unique ideas for baby shower gifts, decorating onesies is a great activity and creates special presents that the parents-to-be will cherish for years. If you are planning the baby shower, you should consider designating a table entirely to crafting onesies. It’s the perfect project to keep guests entertained and provide mom with personalized outfits just for her baby.


Our Favorite Ways to Decorate Your Own Onesies


Iron-On Decorations

Iron-on decorations are easy and come in a wide variety of designs. Purchase a bulk order of the Gerber Onesies® Brand bodysuits to provide the baby shower guests with blank canvases to design however they would like. Try to seek out iron-on patterns that have been created for baby clothing to find adorable patterns for boys and girls or locate neutral designs for those parents who want to be surprised. Though bodysuits are a versatile item that parents will use on a daily basis, don’t limit your guests to just this outfit. You can offer other adorable accessories perfect for iron-on patches such as hats and t-shirts.


Colorful Dyeing Options

Another fun way to create unique baby clothing and entertain your baby shower guests is by dyeing Onesies® Brand bodysuits and other articles of clothing. If you decide to dye outfits for the baby-on-the-way, you need to carefully select which dyes you plan to use as some chemicals can be harmful to a newborn as babies often stick items in their mouth that they shouldn’t eat. The best type of dye to use for this project is a fiber reactive dye because the color soaks into the actual fibers of the fabric rather than merely staining the clothing like other dyes. You can find these types of dyes at a local craft store from brands like Dylon and Procion.


This activity could get a bit messy, so be prepared to bring plenty of newspaper and plastic tablecloths to avoid unintentionally dyeing anything else. It’s also a great idea to bring along some ideas for people to use as inspiration on how to dye their gift. People can decorate the onesies with methods like tie-dye or all-over color dye. Don’t limit your guests to just Onesies® Brand bodysuits—offer multiple options with the Gerber White Essentials line.



Fabric Markers

Using fabric markers to decorate baby clothing is a great alternative to the first two methods. It allows people to get more creative than simply selecting an iron-on design, but it is also much less messy and involved than dyeing baby clothing. If you’re planning to offer fabric markers as the means of decorating adorable new onesies, there is a bit of preparation involved. Before the baby shower, you should wash all the clothing items that will be available to decorate.

Then, it’s always a good idea to test out the markers ahead of time to get a feel for how they draw and what the colors look like against the fabric. If you have enough time, you may even want to create a few sample onesies to give your shower guests some ideas for how to decorate their own. On the baby shower invitation, you can let guests know that this will be a major activity at the party, which will provide them with time to gather ideas. After guests have constructed beautiful new baby outfits, they will need to let their designs dry for at least 24 hours before washing them again to ensure that the dye has soaked into the material.


Fabric Paints

An alternative to fabric markers, fabric paints are another excellent material that allows guests to get creative with their designs and provide mom-to-be with meaningful baby shower gifts. Before using fabric paints, you must wash and dry the batch of Gerber White Essentials baby clothing that you plan to use for the project.

Fabric paint takes longer to dry than fabric markers. Guests may need to wait several days before their creations are complete and can be thrown into the washing machine and cleaned again. One advantage of designing with fabric paints over markers is that it may go smoother. Where markers may pick up on ridges in the clothing, creating an unwanted pattern or design.


Other DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Are you just looking for great DIY ideas to create a simple, personal gift to bring along to the baby shower? Try these extra two ideas and give your friend or family member a special baby shower gift they’ll never forget.



Baby Clothing Bouquet

This idea is easy to make but creates a beautiful gift to give any expecting parent in your life. Purchase a variety of clothing items in similar shades. If you’re creating a basket for someone who is expecting a baby boy, you can buy Onesies® Brand bodysuits and other adorable clothing items in whites, light blues and dark blues. Then, roll the clothing up tightly and insert them into a small vase or basket to make them appear like roses. To spruce it up even more, you can add a few fake roses from a local craft store to emphasize the bouquet appearance of the gift.



Diaper Wreath

A popular baby shower gift, a diaper wreath is both a useful and cute gift. To make a diaper wreath, you’ll need a pack of newborn-size diapers, some ribbons and bows and a stuffed animal or towel folded to look like an animal. First, you should cut a circular-shaped piece of cardboard to act as the base of the wreath. Then, roll each diaper up and place a rubber band around them before tying a ribbon of your choice over the band. Next, attach each diaper to the wreath with a hot glue gun. You want to be sure that you’re only putting the glue on the ribbon and not the diaper. To finish off the wreath, add a large bow to the top. Then place a stuffed animal or towel animal in the middle as an additional decoration.


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