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7 Helpful Things to Do Before the First Date

Going on the first date is always a special feeling altogether. It gives great thrills and makes the heart pound in the chest. The thought of meeting that ‘someone’ can even make the palm sweaty and legs shaky. You’re about to embark on beautiful romantic journey, thus everything seems so dream-like and surreal. Enchanted and spellbound, you don’t want to put a foot wrong on the day, as it might ruin the occasion some of the charm. So, if you want to avoid the date to become stressful and scary, it’s always better to go there prepared and cast the spell! Here are seven key things to do before the first date.


Get a good night sleep

It’s natural to feel super thrilled and excited the night before the date. Your mind is occupied with the thought of the person, you feel like going crazy, but this can actually disturb the sleep. And you must know how lack of sleep can shows up on the face, and it leads to lethargic body movement. So, grab at least 7-8 hours of proper sleep to be at your best on the big day.

Plan your outfit

It’s always better to plan in advance what to wear for the day. This saves inconvenience and gives an organized feeling. But yes, make sure you have the best dress reserved for the day, or you must choose something that you think is best for you. You can also seek advice from someone close to you, as others are often the best judge for the dresses. Even long sleeve dresses are in style.


Groom yourself to perfection

Take self-care seriously before going on the first date. Make effort to look presentable and well-groomed on the day. Get a haircut, shave your legs, have the nails trimmed and shoe polished before going on the date. Groom till you feel like being your confident self. And yes, don’t take the date lightly as everybody loves to be with a person who is neat and clean.

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Work on the conversation

Good conversations lead to good dates. The better you converse on the date, the happier you are likely to return for sure. Sadly, most people fail at this front as they simply don’t know what to talk and what not. The rule is, ever brag about yourself, don’t talk endlessly only about things that interest you. Rather, give space to the other person, make her share more, keep the conversation light, avoid digging into the past. And yes, maintain silence wherever it’s due.


Choose a good gift

Carry a good gift to the date. It works big time. Don’t go with an expensive gift as this might send wrong signals. Flowers are perhaps the best option as they not only convey the emotions well but are also affordable. A well-decorated bouquet or some personalized gift with cute flowers can also be good for the occasion. With flowers in tow, you can be sure that things won’t go horribly bad ever.

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Feel confident

Feeling confident is not the same as behaving like a macho. It’s more of being true to yourself and about maintaining the original body language. Confidence is also about talking with the innate grace and feeling comfortable with the things around. You just can’t fake confidence – either you have it, or you don’t. But yes, if you’re true to yourself on the date, you will most likely look and feel confident for sure.

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Go with whitened and brightened teeth

Whiter and brighter teeth make people appear more social and more pleasing. Such people often a great smile as well. So, take your oral care more seriously before the date so that your teeth the desired level of natural whiteness and brightness. And if your teeth are stained, you can go for a whitening treatment to fix the problem before the big day. You may also require tooth cavity treatment if the stains and discoloration have happened due to cavities.



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