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The Benefits of Babywearing for New Moms

Babywearing is trending. Celebs are doing it, politicians are doing it, and everyday moms and dads are certainly doing it. But is carrying your baby in a sling or wrap just a crunchy mom fad? Or is there something more going on?  As it turns out, when you study the science, babywearing is an evolved human practice that has deep roots and significant biological advantages. Here are some reasons why:


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Why do we wear babies?

For one thing, there’s a good reason why human parents have been carrying their young for hundreds of thousands of years. We are physiologically built to do so. Mammal infants, you see, come in three varieties: “cached young” (who are left in snug spaces all day while their parents go foraging for food), “followers” (who can walk immediately after birth and quickly trot behind their mother), and finally “carried young” (who normally cling to their mothers and go along for the ride). Humans are carried young.


What is babywearing?

Okay, so babywearing makes evolutionary sense, but is it still relevant today?

Yes, it certainly is. In fact, there is a ton of science that demonstrates how carrying your baby (in a decent sling or wrap) provides both parent and child with some amazing benefits.

Did you know that studies have shown baby-carrying improves attachment and bonding between parent and infant? Or how about that premature babies who are carried against their mother’s chest (with skin-to-skin contact) actually grown faster and gain weight more quickly? And would you have thought that the position of your child as you wear them in a carrier actually reduces their chances of getting “flat-head” or reflux symptoms?


Facts, facts, facts

These amazing facts only scratch the surface. Here are a whopping 23 scientific studies that reveal the awesome benefits that babywearing can have:

Babywearing: 23 Science-Backed Benefits

Amazing, huh?

Clearly, babywearing isn’t a passing fashion trend. It is built into our DNA and is here to stay. But who says that practical things can’t look great too? These days there are plenty of gorgeous wraps and slings on the market so you can adopt this age-old parenting practice while looking great too.

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Trying out babywearing is something that all moms should do at least once. There are so many benefits that moms and babies have from this act. Take a chance and try it on!  Don’t forget to check out my article last year to see how to use the baby wrap!



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  1. Babywearing promotes a close, loving relationship between parent and child. I’m glad you shared the benefits! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Babywearing can be a lifesaver for new moms. It allows them to keep their baby close while having their hands free to tackle other tasks. Not only does it promote bonding between mother and child, but it can also reduce stress and promote better sleep for both mom and baby.

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