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Best Flexible Careers for Moms

Being a mother is really a demanding role in life.  Not so long ago it was believed that women can’t be successful in motherhood and professionally at the same time. However, with the advancement of technology and social media, now it’s apparent that mothers can do anything. So if you were wondering what profession to choose, here are some of the best flexible careers for moms that will still leave room to care for your child.

What about moms and their careers? Can there be a balance? Read here about flexible careers that can help you embrace motherhood and professional success.

Freelance writer

Freelance writers can work remotely from anywhere in the world delivering high-quality articles for blogs, commercial websites and private parties. The profession opens a variety of possibilities.  You can work as a content creator, ghostwriter and even be a comic book writer.  

Another plus side of possessing this talent is that you can start your own website and slowly turn it into a commercially successful endeavor. There are various courses that will teach you how to create social media campaigns and promote your skills online so you would get more clients and traffic.  

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Thanks to the internet, tutoring is now in high demand. The reason is, you can have clients all over the world who hire you to teach them various things. From language lessons to fitness classes, communication apps and video tutoring have opened a new range of possibilities for moms.

Of course, you can still do it all old-school and have person-to-person interactions since that will also allow you to manage your time. For example, if you are good at knitting, consider organizing classes at your home for those interested to learn this skill. Perhaps you can give painting lessons to the elderly if that is your passion.




If you have an eye for aesthetics, consider trying your hand as a photographer. There are numerous courses which will teach you the basics and some of them online are even free.

Although you will have to buy some pricey equipment, it will surely pay off. Because, as you develop your business you will establish yourself as a photographer. After all, your kids are perfect models so you won’t lack materials to practice and become a proficient artist.


Graphic designer

Today, a lot of graphic designers work from home. Whether it’s remotely for one company or per project for different clients. It’s completely up to you how you want to be employed and that will determine the level of flexibility and income, too.

If you just finished a course for graphic designer and have no previous experience, there is no need for alarm. Various platforms offer jobs to freelancers. Even those who are starting to build their portfolio will have an opportunity to make a name for yourself in time.



The translator is an excellent opportunity to start your career as a mom. Especially, if you moved to live with your family to another country. As a native speaker of specific language, you may be able to land a job that will even allow you to work from home or online. Even if you are a language graduate in your country, this is still a good career choice since you can translate texts and work per projects.

"woman translating from a book"


Wedding planner

A wedding planner or simply planning any event is an excellent opportunity for moms to show off their organizational skills. You can work alone or manage a team so the amount of workload is completely your choice.

Although weddings can be stressful, they are also exciting and perfect for mothers full of energy. Moms who like to be active and in the center of things. Not to mention that you will meet interesting people along the way. This certainly will improve social interactions and help you expand your network.



Beautician is an excellent profession for those who moved to another country and now are trying to start their career. After all, make-up artists and beauticians are needed everywhere from personal occasions like weddings to commercial purposes like movies.

This is a job you can get training for anywhere in the world at qualified schools like Perth College of Beauty Therapy no matter if you are a foreign national. With this job is easy to manage your schedule and book clients so that you can still spend quality time with your family and be a success at your job.

"mirror on a desk with make-up brushes"


Image stylist

If you love fashion and are very good at it, then consider becoming image stylist is a must. You can help others pick the perfect outfit for any occasion. Additionally, this is an ideal job for moms who finished designer schools.  With this career, you can promote your creations and slowly create your own brand. You can work for boutiques as a consultant or take private clients and be their personal stylist.



If anything, being a mom will surely empower you to pursue your dreams. To be a positive influence on your children. And with these flexible careers, you will easily find your calling and grow to your full potential and talents.


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  1. These are some great options for flexible careers. I’m a SAHM and an influencer/blogger and make pretty good money doing it.

  2. Great suggestions here. I was an online tutor for a while and it was ok. You are right, there are many things that moms can do nowadays that are flexible and can bring them an income.

  3. I love all these options for moms out there! They all provide a great way to use skills but also offering flexibility which is so important.

  4. posts like this empower me; while i can’t really do many of the items on this list, there are at least a couple here that are possibilities 🙂

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