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10 Best Jobs For Women To Work From Home for 2020

Many people today are looking for ideas to work at home, to set up their own business and increase their income. Whether it’s a decision to start a business of your own or you are thinking of it. This is an increasingly common situation in times. And lot of people are looking for a way to work from home. We’ve put together in this article a few ideas of working from home. We have created a real step by step guidelines for setting up your business or other related activity. Here are 10 of the best jobs for women to work from home this year in 2020. 

 We have created a real step by step guide for setting up your business at home. Here are 10 of the best jobs for women to work from home this year in 2020. 

Become a writer and editor work from home

The edition and development of contents have become one of the greatest sources of employment from home in the last 10 years.  Writing is one of the most important skills that every individual should have to earn from home, especially for women. Cheetahpapers provides more information to improve your writing skills. 

If you have experience as a journalist and have excellent qualities as an editor, this is a great job opportunity to do from home. Thousands of companies give offers and even hire online content writers and publishers to prepare all kinds of articles, reports, analyses, and other works. Also, consider looking into being a ghostwriter as well, there is always an author looking for this. 

The development of e-books or electronic books also enters this field and it is very profitable. The topics to be written are about computer science, health, sports, literature, finance, news, fashion and all kinds of information related to people’s daily lives.


  • Although the payments offered in this sector are not so high.
  • But the great advantage is that you only need a computer to work from home in this type of activity.
  • This type of work is an excellent work for freelancers.

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Customer service like a telephone service representative

Customer satisfaction and sales service is a top priority for large global companies. For this, they hire thousands of men and women who work from home, the only work is to attend the calls of the customer and take an order or request service.  Calling current customers or potential new customers are the responsible job for promoting the new products and services.


  • The advantage of this type of work is that you only need to have a telephone line, a computer, and an Internet connection.

Become an online tutor to work from home

Over the last decade, the online tutoring service for students with academic subjects has grown exponentially. As an online tutor, you can help them in their studies and assignments.

Depending on your level of previous academic preparation, you can be a tutor for both elementary students who are studying at university. The subjects that most request online tutoring are those related to mathematics, science, and languages.

This type of work can be achieved through specialized websites where you have to register to offer your services. In these websites, those interested will see your details, and request the service they need and then they set the price to pay duration the tutoring.

Once the terms have been agreed, it is only necessary to execute the tutoring. And at the end of it, you will receive the agreed payment.You can also offer these services to universities, colleges, and educational associations if you prefer.


  • You just need a computer, an Internet connection and available time to give tutoring to those who request you.
  • And more over all these can be done from your home.

Translate texts into other languages

If you speak two or more languages ​​fluently, then you have a great opportunity to find a source of income that you can earn from your home. Due to the strong exchange of technical, academic and commercial information between countries on all continents, a large amount of written material needs to be constantly translated.

It usually involves the translation of audio files or transcription of printed documents from one language to another, either online or sitting at your desk at home. In conclusion, Document translation is one of the fastest-growing jobs. And it is also one of the most profitable professions to work from home.You can find the offers published in newspapers or websites where you should register to offer your services.

Design pages and content for the web

Companies often hire web designers who are specialized in the creation of pages, coding, and maintenance of templates with multimedia and text content. This is a field that has become very competitive because more and more companies want to have an Internet presence. They hire because the companies need to constantly design and update their web pages.

If you have mastered HTML language and other forms of web page programming, then you can work from home and receive very great income.


Medical report typist work from home

Medical typist are people who help medical professionals and therapists by giving them a computerized reports and studies of patients under treatment. The insurance companies need information to update the history of each insured people. This history updated determines the payments according to the policies contracted. These are the work done by medical report typist.

Need to know:

If you have typing skills and are familiar with medical terminology, this can be an excellent source of employment from your home.


Become a babysitter to work from home

Childcare is one of the few jobs at home that do not require working online. Working parents always need reliable people who care for their children. So they are looking for people trained in early childhood education or certified for childcare.

If you have a government-approved license and verifiable personal as well as professional references, you will always have employment opportunities in childcare. In this case, you only need to have a space enabled in your home so that children have a place to play, study, feed and rest during the babysitter hours.


Provide accounting services work from home

Small businesses often hire independent accountants to handle payroll and tax management. Preparing annual tax returns for individuals and businesses are the work of Public accountants. If you have experience or certification in the area of ​​accounting, then you can work from home offering this type of service to people or companies. Accounting tools such as QuickBooks Hosting on a cloud citrix xendesktop can help you to provide remote accounting/bookkeeping services.



Of course, compared to a permanent job at an accounting office, you can set the fees yourself and therefore you will have more control over the income.


Become a virtual assistant 

Small businesses that cannot hire full-time employees often hire virtual assistants. Women are perfect for this type of tasks because of their greater capacity to attend to details. As a virtual assistant one must perform tasks such as making appointments, collecting overdue bills, preparing events. For example you can also make reservations at restaurants. For an example virtual assistants provide Email migration services such as Rackspace to Office 365 migration for which they charge on hourly basis for consultation.


A mobile or landline telephone line and a computer with an Internet connection are all that is needed to serve as a virtual assistant.


Promote products and services from Instagram

Social networks have become an excellent field for advertising. Networks like Instagram allow you to promote products, shops or brands of large companies. This is possible only when you have thousands of followers in your account.


This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase through one of my links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

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  1. I use to run an in-home childcare and it was the best! Perfect for me to be able to stay home with my son while earning an income ❤

  2. Writing is the best in my opinion. You can fit it nicely around your kids! But with a little creativity there is a lot you can do to work from home

  3. I would love to do the online tutor. This seems like something that would change lives and help children around the world.

  4. These are all such great ideas! I have a friend who recently became a SAHM and was looking for ideas so I’ll have to share with her. Accounting is the one thing I’m trying to get away far far away from LOL! But maybe I can provide a work from home job for someone else 😉

  5. This is a great resource. I have been looking for things to do part time to supplement my f/t work.

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