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15 Best Planners for Working Moms 2020

Working moms have a lot on their plate when trying to manage their work-life and their family life. Since becoming a working mom, finding a planner to include my entire life has been difficult. I have always struggled to find the perfect planners for working moms, but adding in mom’s life made it that much harder. I have tried to use my calendar on my phone or any of the online apps for scheduling, but that method does not work for me. As I am a paper and pencil (and cute design) kind of girl! This makes searching for the best planners extremely difficult.

If you are looking for the best planners for working moms, it has to be something that is personal to you and easy to use, based on what you are looking for. What is the best planning for a working mom? There are a few key items that need to be in the planner to help working moms be successful.

15 best planners for working moms


When picking planners for mom that works, it is important to consider what is best for you.

  • What size should the planner be?
  • Should it be paper or electronic or both?
  • Will the calendar day boxes be big or small?
  • Do you need room to write?
  • Do you need all the extras?
  • What will the layout be like?

A planner is something that will help you remember everything that you will need to do within the 12 months of the year, so it is considered an important purchase.

Here we have mentioned some of the best 2019/2020 planners for working moms:

The Clever Fox Planner - planner for working mom -teachworkoutlove.com

The Clever Fox Planner

This planner has a hardcover because as moms, we need to make sure the planner is not easily ruined! It is definitely one of the best planners for working moms because it has each week planned out and you can adjust it to your liking. Other features: goals, notes, to-do lists, this week’s wins, how I’ll improve next week, what to clean, etc!

The planner comes in three different colors, pink, black, and orange. This planner helps you stay focused on your goals and feel happier and increase your productivity. The fact that this planner includes affirmations and goals is so helpful in organizing your life weekly. It is absolutely perfect for a working, blogging mom!

Price: $24.99 on Amazon 
Size: 5.8×3.5
Page layout: Lined boxes with vertical weekly planning layout separates each day into three sections



erin-condren-inside-of-planner-for-working-moms-teachworkoutlove.comErin Condren Planner

I have used Erin Condren planners for the past three years as a teacher and a mom and it has literally saved me! It does tend to get heavy since it is hardcover, but I can hold a ton of information there. I have yet to forget something because I staple my lesson plans into the book.

Then I write down everything I need daily on the monthly calendar. It has worked great for me and I definitely plan to get this one again for the upcoming school year. It also has so many pockets and folders built into it that you are able to keep everything together. The pages are thick so they don’t rip when you erase and rewrite.

Price: $56 depending on the choice and size of planner
Size: 7×9 or 8×11
Page layout: Lined boxes with vertical weekly planning layout separates each day into three sections





Day Designer Planner 

Not only does this planner come with tons of writing space, but it gives you the option to add in your values into a triple bubble map.

The great thing about this daily planner is that it helps you find a balance in your life by providing tabs, folders, and tons of writing space. Plus it comes in tons of colors! This is great for mom bloggers who work full time. Using this can help keep your articles organized along with life events.

Price: $22.49
Size: 8x1x1
Page layout: Lined boxes with hourly increments of 30 min.




Me and My Big Ideas Planner (Happy Planner)

This little beauty has so many different options for a working mom to use as a planner. It is an 18-month planner which is really helpful because once you already have information into your planner.

It makes it hard to want to transfer everything into another one every single year. This gets rid of the stress of transferring information. There are tons of different stickers and washi tape that can go along with this planner for the creative working mom.

Staying organized and less stressed? Sign me up!


Price: $20.05
Size: 9.8×8.6×1.4
Page layout: Weekly layouts



PurpleTrail Planners

One of my favorite planners as a working mom and blogger, this planner can be completely customized inside and out. Moms can add pictures of their children on the inside and back covers. Because I am a blogger, this planner works best for me because it comes with the different content planning spaces for social media!

Planners come in three sizes (6×8, 8.5×11, 4×6), with three cover options (hard, laminate or synthetic) and include fully customized covers and a selection of inside pages.  There are a variety of formats specifically customized for our customers’ needs: weekly, monthly, daily, teacher, student, mom/parent, wedding and our newest meal and tiny planners. We can be found at www.purpletrail.com/planners. Use the code TEACHWORKOUTLOVE for 15% off!


Price: Range from $38-$59
Size: 3 sizes, 6×8, 8.5×11, 4×6
Page layout: Weekly layouts





pipsticks-plannerBuilding My Empire 17-Month Large Planner 2019 (Pipsticks+Workman)

This planner is a great daily planner for working moms. It provides boxes for each day and gives a whole monthly calendar so you are able to check out the entire month as well as week by week in full detail.

It also has some fun creative prompts for each month and really fun designs throughout the entire planner.

Price: $14.99
Size: 8x1x1
Page layout: Blank boxes per day



bloom-daily-plannersBloom Daily Planners

Make it your mission to great a new way to work this year for 2020. The Bloom Daily Planner has a personal mission statement prompt and yearly goal setting page, weekly scheduling templates.

It also has goal setting & tracking pages, 2019 vision board, major holidays list, notes pages, contacts/address book pages, inspirational quotes, monthly reflection questions, and much more!

Price: $16.95

Size: 6×8.25

Page layout: Lined boxes per day



amy-knapp-planner-for-busy-momsAmy Knapp’s Very Busy Planner


What a beautifully designed planner for the very busy mom. Inside this planner, it comes with different goal setting and self-reflection/growth areas. There are weekly calendars and monthly along with daily horizontal blank boxes to include your plans.

It also comes with a bunch of fun decorative items such as color-coding stickers and inspirational quotes. If you love quotes and color coding, this is for you mama!

Price: $7.49
Size:  6.5 x 0.8 x 8.5
Layout: Horizontal blank boxes daily






Erin Condren Petite Planners

Sometimes planners get to get really big, bulky and heavy. Erin Condren came up with their Petite Planners, where you can have three months at a time in 4 different planners. They can either be combined together in the Portfolio system, or you can carry around each 3-month planner as needed. Such a cool idea and they are light and airy.

Light and airy are the themes of these Petite Planners. Save money and buy the whole year together instead of separate.

Price: $14.00 per 3 months
Size:  5.7″ x 8.25″
Layout: Horizontal blank boxes daily – planner is set in 3-month increments


20-21 Planner Planner 2020-2021 – Academic Weekly & Monthly Planner with Tabs

A great planner for 20-21 year with thicker paper. We know that we will be erasing and rewriting, so having thick paper is really important with 12 months of lined pages from July-June.

This planner also comes with little pockets to hold any loose papers that you need. The best part is that this planner is inexpensive and very durable. 

Price: $8.99

Size:  6.3 x 8.4 x 0.6 inches

Page layout: Blank boxes per day

Big Monthly PlannerJSTORY Big Monthly Planner Stitch Bound Lays Flat Huge Undated Year

If you don’t like pre-made planners that have dates on it already, then this is the planner for you! This planner is quite large but it can be perfect to bring with you in your work bag because it is thin!

This company also makes different sized planners as well. Just 18 pages that you can personalize and use to your benefits. 

Price: $15.68

Size: 16.5 x 11.8 x 0.3 inches

Page layout: Blank boxes per month


Vera Bradley planner 2020Vera Bradley Undated 12 Month Large Planner with Daily and Weekly Spreads, Ditsy Dot Paisley

Vera Bradley has such amazing designs. If you like undated planners where you can personalize them yourself, this is the perfect one for you.

Each week is broken down with undated, lined sections for planning out the 7 days of the week. This planner is spiral bound and it has a thick, hard cover. 

Price: $28.76

Size: 8.75 x 7.25 x 1.25 inches

Page layout: Blank boxes per month  

Mom Do It All Planner 2020-2021 Planner – Mom Do It All from Orange Circle Studio

As a mom, we need planners! This adorable planner has the perfect items that we need to set up our daily lives. It’s the perfect size to fit in your bag and to bring with you wherever you need.

It is earth-friendly and it is a 17 month planner so you don’t have to switch all your important details often. In the planner it comes with over 300 stickers to mark appointments, activities and tasks.

They also have the choices of weekly, monthly, wall and desk planners for you to choose from. 

Price: $15.99

Size: 5.75″w x 8.25″h x .625″d

Page layout: Week-per-spread view is divided into six sections 

Busy Family Organizer Planner 2020Busy Family Organizer

(Planner, address book and more!)

Need a place to keep all of your birthdays, plans, babysitter contact info, party planning info, and more? This is the planner for you. You can organize schedules, meals, contacts, chore charts, lists and more all in one place.

There are special occasion monthly logs where you can input gift and thank you note checklists for parties! If you need help keeping track of charts, checklists, and chores, this is the right choice for you too! 

Price: $10.61

Size: 8.8 x 0.8 x 9.1 inches

Page layout: Blank week of and blank monthly list  



Accessories for your planner

If you love planners, you definitely love decorating it and using felt pens! Here are some great accessories that are super inexpensive and great to add with your planner purchase on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Shopping for a planner is hard, especially if you are picky like me. Make sure you view it, read the description and go see it in the store if possible. Before deciding on the right one, make sure to view more than one. This way you can make a decision after you have thought about it long and hard. This is something that will be stuck with you for one whole year! Which one will you choose?





This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase through one of my links. Please see my disclosure for more information
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