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The 9 Best Workouts for Losing Weight Quickly

Yes, I will hit the gym tomorrow! And an excited soul shouts out loud when the weight scale tortures at a high level. You won’t deny that you think of hitting the gym, but this dream of losing weight remains a dream for days. Of course, due to the hectic routine, you don’t get time to go out to the gym. Well, don’t be embarrassed now, you are not the only person who is doing that, there are so many others doing the same.

Now, let’s talk about those people who hit the gym and meet the fitness instructor. Fitness instructor tells you nothing other than the casual workouts. He never mentions the importance of manual workout. Another thing is that the exercises which fitness experts recommend don’t suit everyone. It’s so easy to say that do planks, do pushups, go for some squats but these exercises don’t suit everyone.

Looking for some great workouts that can help you in getting rid of that stubborn jelly belly without hitting the gym? Gear up! We are going to tell you about some awesome workouts that will melt your stubborn fat real soon. And yes, don’t stress yourself out if you don’t master any move. Just keep doing it, gradually you will get perfect at it.


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Skipping rope


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Undoubtedly, it is the best exercise for you. You must be saying that kids’ do that, they jump ropes but trust us, skipping ropes is perfect for you.

All you need is a rope which is available at quite pocket-friendly rates. Since your motive is to burn fat, skipping rope will help you with the same.

You can say that skipping rope burns that fat without burning your pocket. When you get admission in a gym, you have to take so many different things mentioned by your fitness instructor. Not only that but you have to pay the gym fee every month. Skipping rope will not only melt fat but will keep you active throughout the day.


Med ball

You can get a med ball at budget-friendly rates. Needless to say that it is the perfect exercise to melt that jelly belly.

Exercise won’t ever look boring to you if you purchase a med ball and start using it as your workout tool. You can get a med ball at any fitness shop or a mart.

Call it a fun way of burning fat because when you will do it, you will feel that your stress and anger is going out of the body and you will feel a new you.

Hold on! Don’t take things otherwise; we never asked you to start playing with the ball, considering it a basketball or a volleyball. You have to do exercise with it. Raise that ball above the head and stand on your toes for a minute. Repeat the same exercise for about five times; soon you will start feeling a functional difference in your shape.

If you are having trouble with the above set, start raising the ball, stand on your toes and again get back to the normal position. There is no need to hurt yourself if you are not used to of holding the same posture.

Another exercise is that just lie down, hold the ball, raise it above and try to get up. This will stretch your muscles and your abdominal muscles will get toned.


Some squats are not bad

Keep stretching those muscles, don’t stop! You’ll be in a fine shape right after 30 days.

Well, what we told you above can surely come true if you take the oath, not to stop for a minute. Squats are the best way to lose those flabby thighs. But yeah, it’s a plus if you own dumbbells. You can hold the dumbbells, raise your hands and start doing squats.

Do the squats 10 times. Repeat the set 5 times to burn the fat from your thighs. Once you get used to of squats, then keep doing it for 10 minutes. This will get you into an amazing shape like never before.


Dumbbells Muscles stretch


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Let us clear one myth here; many women think that dumbbells make them gain muscles. It broadens the shoulders and makes them muscular. Well, it is highly incorrect, 1 kg dumbbells don’t do that unless you are lifting some heavyweights.

Dumbbells help you in getting lean arms and tone the flabbiness.

If you have a heavier upper body and you want to tone it then do some butterfly stretches using dumbbells. Usually, people call it shoulder extensions. Hold the dumbbells and extend your arms backward and then forward.

The above workout will tone the flabby arms and will tone the shoulders.


Brisk walk

To maintain a healthy body, you must make sure that you keep it moving. Go for a brisk walk, burn those calories. Moreover, you don’t need coaching for it. You just have to wear your joggers and bump on the jogging track.

Don’t be a lazy sloth, move fast on the jogging track and time to time run for a minute or two, it will keep your heart rate up and you will burn more fat.

Some people come on the jogging track but then say that they don’t lose weight. It is because of the reason that they don’t walk faster. Don’t expect that fat will burn if you won’t do the brisk walk.


Freefall dancing

You love music, right? It’s time to enjoy your favorite tracks and move your body faster. Just tune-in your favorite songs and start moving your body.

Freefall dancing let you lose weight in a fun way since you get to enjoy different moves. The important thing is to keep dancing and increase the heart rate. Oh, yes you will sweat a lot. You will burn the stubborn calories.

If you don’t know how to dance, then we recommend you to search for some dancing moves on the internet. Keep dancing for good 30 minutes and burn the stubborn fat.




Photo by Danielle Cerullo on Unsplash

Do Zumba! You must have heard about it. Zumba is not another fad, but it is a proper exercise that won’t ever go out of the trend. You can search for different Zumba moves on the YouTube. Just play the video and follow the steps.

Zumba is a compilation of different dance moves that trigger your complete body. The good thing is that people don’t get bored of it. It is suitable for both male and female. Well, females feel like a ballerina while doing Zumba.

If you think that Zumba is hard for you to follow, then we recommend you to search “Zumba for beginners.” At the beginning, you will get to learn about the basic moves of Zumba.



Undoubtedly, aerobics has massive benefits. It may sound weird to you, but aerobics boost your confidence level, sharpens your memory and your brain starts functioning much better.

If you have increased cholesterol level, aerobics will bring it down. Aerobics help you in lowering the level of cholesterol. Moreover, it reduces the risk of Diabetes Mellitus.

Your muscles get more tone and your posture improves at a reasonable scale.


Cardio workout


Photo by Emma Simpson on Unsplash

For a healthy life, a vigorous exercise is essential. Cardio gives a 360 shift to your body. Right after a month, you won’t recognize yourself in the mirror since it makes you so slim.

But wait, benefits of cardio are not limited to the weight loss only, it strengthens your lungs and reduces the stress level. It reduces the possible risk of heart diseases, moreover prevents you from various types of cancers.

If you have sleeping disorders, if you are an insomniac, it helps you with that as well. You will get more energized, and you set a good example for your kid’s since they see you maintaining a healthy routine.


Bottom line

A healthy you is a perfect you. Your health is more important than eating the junk food. Don’t concentrate on satisfying your taste buds, focus more on making your body stronger.

When you look good, you feel more confident and better about yourself. We hope that the workouts we recommended help you in shedding all the stubborn pounds and help with losing weight.


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