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Bored At The Gym? Try These Sports Now!

Keeping up with a fitness routine is easier said than done. Some people find it easier than others because they enjoy hitting the gym.  But if you absolutely hate the idea of getting on a treadmill or a weight machine, it can start to feel like a real chore. One of the reasons that you’re struggling to lose weight could be that you find it really boring going to the gym. You just need to find a better way of exercising. Team sports are a better option for some people because there is more of a social aspect. You’re actually engaging in a fun activity and the fitness benefits are just an added bonus rather than the entire focus. If you’re fed up of hitting the gym, try out some of these team sports that are great for fitness.



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Rowing on a machine in the gym can get pretty dull. It’s so much better if you’re doing it with a team on the open water. The scenery is a lot nicer and you’ve got that team spirit to spur you on. It’s such a great sport to get involved with because it gives you a great cardio workout, just as good as running. But at the same time, it’ll give you a full body muscle workout. People often don’t realize that muscle workouts actually burn more fat than cardio. You get a combination of the 2 with rowing so it’s one of the best team sports there is if you want to get fit quickly.





Any team sports that require running are, of course, a great way to get fit. You’d be surprised just how much running you’ll do in a game of basketball. It’s probably a lot more than you’d do on a treadmill. When you’re running on a treadmill in the gym, you’re going constantly and you’ve got nothing else to think about. But in a game of basketball, you’ll be running up and down the court all game. You’ll have small breaks every so often so you can go for longer.

You’ll also be focused on the game in hand, rather than thinking about how worn out you are. It’s also way cheaper than signing up for a gym membership. This sport you’ll only have to pay a little for training sessions and some basketball uniforms, rather than paying an expensive monthly subscription. There’s a fair amount of jumping involved in a basketball game as well so you’ll get a muscle workout at the same time. 




Ultimate Frisbee

If you’re looking for an exercise that is so much fun that it doesn’t feel like exercise at all, you can’t get much better than ultimate frisbee. The other major benefit is that you just need a frisbee and a group of friends. There are quite a lot of local teams you can join as well because the sport has really taken off in recent years. There’s a lot of non-stop running as well as plenty of jumping.  Great cardio workouts come from frisbee and building up your lower body strength at the same time.


Exercising doesn’t have to be a boring chore that you have to force yourself to do. Just get involved in some fun team sports and you’ll be getting fit in no time.


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