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7 Tips for Busy Moms to Maintain a Work-Life Balance

A woman has to juggle through so much each and every day. A working woman’s job is just not limited to her work station but apart from that she has to take care and responsibility of a lot: home, kids, and husband. Even after when she is juggling between so many roles and duties we guide and tell them on how to just get better than what they are doing.

But here we will take you a step ahead; we don’t want to guide you into doing it better than how you managed yesterday but we want you to take a break look around and stop being a machine that you have acting, lately.


There is indubitably no question on what all can a girl, a woman and a mother can achieve but it is ok if take out the time for yourself too sometimes.

Rather than just focusing on one thing maintain balance and remember that balance should include you too. Women just maintain balance between kids, job, and husband. Now, is the time to push you up on the list and count yourself important too!

When was the last time you just took a vacation all alone with your friends, or your parents or maybe a solo trip or went on hike for your own happiness?

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We don’t see any hands rising!

Now, is the time to start doing it? Yes, anytime you realize that you are important too would be a good time to start. Take time out for you and see how this will change things for you and your perspective towards life.


Prioritize and then work accordingly

It is not easy to become the successful woman you have always wanted to be.  So, smartly prioritize what you want at the moment and how you want to take things forward from there. Every work cannot be of high priority and when it is not then that means you can put it on hold for a while and focus on other things.


Talk it out with your employers

The best thing sometimes it to talk it out with your peers, head management and seniors if you are being pressurized by the office management let say your manager, the HR, regarding pushing your work limits, timings and targets. You must talk it out to make them understand that you have other jobs to look into apart from just the office work. You have to respect your priorities in order to make them respect yours. One time or the other we all have to juggle between  various roles and jobs and switch between motherhood, mother, wife, office employee but the compromises cannot be done at all times. So, you need a space for yourself too to breathe and think for a while.

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Divide the work and rule your life

You need to practice the art of delegation and that happens when you share the workload with your better half. And, you do not have to take the burden of all the things on yourself it is okay to ask for help and not only for help but reach out for people with whom you can divide your work. Using a planner for working moms can be really helpful to stay on track too!


No matter how busy or far stay connected

The distance arises when you don’t have time and you don’t even try to make time for the people you love. Make it a point to at least once or twice daily contact your kids, talk to them over the phone, you must know where they are and what are they doing. They must never feel that there is nobody who is there to help and guide them and obviously at all times keep your husband in loop. Kids want both their parents to be available for them. Staying at home is not an option for you but staying connected is definitely an option for you!


Draw a line between work and home

Only you can set the boundaries so don’t ever take work to your home and vice versa it will harm both your lives and both your roles.  Be mindful, act smart.


Make some time for yourself

Apart from all the things you are doing in your routine and what you actually love there is whole lot of difference in that. Make sure the things that you love doing will rejuvenate, revive and inspire you to keep going whereas things you do in your daily routine will give your life a direction and because of which you will get an aim. Both are equally important so do not compromise on any.Woman Carrying Baby at Beach during Sunset



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Lisa K

Lisa K. is a professional maternity, newborn and family portrait photographer who is also a mother to three beautiful kids. She has been gracefully juggling between the roles of a photographer, mother, wife, and entrepreneur. Life has always been a challenge for working mothers and she has mastered the art of being her own kind of perfect with all the imperfections.

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