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31 Day Challenge to Getting Organized

We started the January 31 Day Challenge in an attempt to provide resources, community, and step-by-step daily guides to everyone who was ready truly to change their lives by getting organized! It’s utterly overwhelming when you feel defeated just by looking around your space(s), and how that feeling can discourage you from ever starting the project. Enter the January 31 Day Challenge! Our goal is to change the perspective and motivate people to just take the first step in getting organized.


Start small

The challenge is really focused around doing one space at a time, even if the space is as small as a junk drawer.
We wanted to really break it down, set realistic goals, and to create a community to hold each other accountable and motivate one another. The lesson that we want to impart is that you can start small and set yourself up for success by simplifying the task; we break down our process and walk our followers through it from start to finish. As you can see throughout the January 31 Day Challenge, our process is consistent throughout all spaces.

The Container Store


Start by pulling all items out of a space, wiping down the surface and categorizing like items together. Then purge unnecessary/unwanted items and set them aside for donation or trash. Distribute the other categories to areas in the home where they will live permanently and organize them into the space in the most efficient manner. Lastly, we love to label as much as possible, so that everyone in the household knows where to return each item!


Divide by spaces

Secondly, divide up by spaces. Then into categories within each space in order to touch on as many areas as possible within the home! We wanted to break down each space and teach our followers the techniques and tips that we use for our clients. The goal is to make each space functional for each individual client. We take the time to get to know our clients and their daily routines in order to create systems tailored to their specific needs. Each item should have a reason behind where it is stored in order to create the most efficient flow within each space.



  • File Folding

  • Space planning



  • Measure space before purchasing product

  • Overbuy product so that you have a few options

  • Proper storage for specific items (socks, bras, sweaters)

  • Maximize vertical space

  • Remove bulky packaging

  • Tore excess in different location

  • Adjust shelves to work for you

  • Same colored product for a more cohesive look

  • Color Code

  • Light to Dark

Although The Challenge focuses on the “getting organized” part, we also make sure to implement and share systems that are maintainable for long term success. A few rules include: label items/bins so everyone knows where items belong. Then put things back as soon as possible so as not to let piles build up, plan out your purchase ahead of time.


Final Thoughts

We tried to simplify the task per day with techniques and tips in order for anyone following along to gradually organize a full house within 31 days! It is amazing how setting and achieving small goals can lead to something even greater. Our passion is not only creating organized homes, it’s helping create the lives they want to live. Don’t forget to visit the 31 Day Challenge for more specific details!

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Jen Robin

As a celebrity executive assistant, Jen mastered the art of to-do lists, time management, and efficient systems. She began changing lives professionally by putting organizational communication into real world practices and personal situations. For Jen, high degrees of organization and personal commitment are fundamental to her core. After realizing the impact her systems had on an individuals life, she realized she wanted to spread her knowledge and change lives by eliminating stress and clutter. Life in Jeneral was born in 2014 to fulfill a lifelong passion of bringing joy to those around her through the tools of organization.

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  1. What a great list of suggestions! I like how you have it all separated in a way as to not overwhelm. When you just kinda take everything out and throw it into the middle of the room, it can get overwhelming! (Not that I’ve ever done that :)….)

    1. Yes- they do a great job separating and decluttering. I really love their IG accounts – it’s pretty amazing what they can do!

  2. These are great tips! Love the idea of taking it day by day and one space at a time. Decluttering can be so intimidating and time consuming!

  3. I’ve always found that tackling one thing at a time is important. I have a bad habit of starting one place then getting distracted and moving and ending up with a bigger mess than anything else.

    1. oh yes, moving makes it way worse when you have clutter! I always try to throw things away as moving because I don’t want to pack and unpack everything.

  4. Oh my good god girl!! I’m so amazed with your drawers pantry and garage!!! That is the most organized o have ever seen. I can’t even open mine you would die if you saw! Thanks for the motivation: ))

    1. Right those are amazing! I would love my whole house to look exactly like this! You should see what Life in Jeneral can do!!

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