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New Children’s Room Accessories from Lorena Canals


Introducing NEW Children’s Collections that Celebrate the Magic of the World Above and Below Us

The two new children’s room accessories by designer Lorena Canals are a tribute to the sea and the sky. Inspired by the vastness of the ocean and the boundless sky, by the graceful movement of the fish and the fascinating twinkling of starlight

 Lorena Canals is presenting her two new children’s and youth collections: Sea and Skies featuring eco-friendly, all natural rugs, cushions, blankets, wall accessories, and matching baskets, made using non-toxic dyes, and, as always, are machine washable!

The Seas

The Seas collection is centered around the feature rug: the Big Fish carpet. This large beige fish is made with different sewing techniques, to provide different textures. The carpet base stands out beautifully, with longer fibers woven in haphazardly, to obtain an original result that is soft to the touch.

Shown here: Washable Big Fish and Ocean Shore rugs, Fish garland, Wall hangers-Ocean and Big Fish, Sea Sky ceiling hanger and Coral Cushion. Baby Fish cushions shaped like a fish in vintage blue and natural colors.

Ocean Shore is another rug from the Fish collection that also stands out with the addition of small randomly distributed fish on the vintage blue non-woven base background. With sides of tousled fringes that evoke the foam of the ocean waves breaking on the shore, this design reflects the undersea world perfectly!

Hippy Stars

Hippy Stars, the other new collection by Lorena Canals, takes its inspiration from the sky and, in particular, the stars. The Stars pattern, a bestseller for children since the very beginning of the company over 25 years ago, is now available in larger sizes, revamped colors, and new crafting techniques.

Hippy Stars come in different sizes and styles of rugs, cushions, and blankets, with the stars distributed asymmetrically in a pastel-colored, bohemian design. The rug base, in 100% cotton, is visible inside the stars as well as on the sides. Onto this base, which has been previously dyed, stitches of fabric have been sewn at different distances to achieve a subtle striped pattern that gives the carpet a vintage appearance and, at the same time, generates a contrast of textures that is original and pleasant to the touch.


Hippy Stars washable rugs are available in water blue, gray, natural and vintage nude colors, cushions and blankets come in gray, natural and vintage nude.

The new design collections can mix and match with some of the brand’s other new washable accessories collections: including baskets, wall and door hangers, garlands and blankets, all of which bear the unmistakable stamp of the Lorena Canals style.

Shown: Bazaar basket, Zoco baskets with handles, and Stripe’s blankets in gray and pink vintage colors. 

 Lorena Canals is committed to the world of childhood and their development. She funds the education of more than 120 children in North India, giving them the chance to have a future with more opportunities. Buying an item from her collections helps them go to school and receive the necessary support. https://lorenacanals.us/

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