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Bring the Classic Christmas Charm to Your Home

The holidays are finally here! Wow, it’s been such a busy and exciting year, so it’s time to relax and enjoy Christmas. But, what is Christmas without some classic decoration that will turn your regular home into a real winter wonderland. So, here are a few charming and traditional holiday decoration tips everyone can pull off.


Go old-school

Ask people about their best Christmas memories and most of them will tell you about holidays at their grandparents’ house. So, if you want to copy your granny’s decoration style, choose vintage Christmas decoration. There’s nothing more traditional and nostalgic than classic snow globes, glass ornaments for your tree and fun candy canes. You can also decorate your fireplace mantel with gift stockings. These will never go out of fashion, and they make everyone happy and warm inside.


Try upholstering

If you’re good with hammers and scissors, this is the perfect Christmas project for you. Check your garage or attic for some old and ugly dining chairs and get ready to give them a holiday makeover. Pick a festive fabric (red and green checkered material is a classic choice) and try upholstering your chairs for a fresh new look. It might seem complicated, but there are great online tutorials that will show you how to reupholster your seating step by step. And, don’t even worry if the final result isn’t perfect. Little flaws will only add to the charm.


Don’t go easy on plaid

Christmas and plaid are a perfect fit. Red plaid will definitely put you in the holiday spirit and help you achieve that classic Christmas look. Just add a few plaid throw pillows to your sofa or bed and you’ll achieve instant results.

Add warmth with throws

One of the easiest and most effective things you can do to dress your home for winter holidays is to grab a few blankets and throw them over your couch. They will go perfectly with the Christmas atmosphere since they boost comfort and warmth like no other décor element. Just imagine curling up under a soft knitted blanket in the evening and enjoying a hot cup of cocoa. Plus, you don’t even have to spend a lot of money on your soft goodies. Find a good knitting tutorial online, and you’ll be making your own blankets in no time.


Warm up your floors

Sure, wooden floors have unique warmth on their own, but they will definitely be cozier with a stylish rug. It will fill your home with comfort and provide a soft little treat for your toesies. You can choose a very festive rug with Christmas-inspired prints, but if you want to create a timeless holiday style, opt for something natural instead. For instance, a hand-made jute rug will look cozy, traditional and warm— all the things that make Christmas the best holiday. Plus, your kids will absolutely love to have something soft on the floor for long winter play dates.


Cheer up your shelves

If you’re looking for fast and easy Christmas decoration, put shelves high on your list. It’s very easy to add some holiday charm to your space with only a few garlands and baubles in silver or gold. You can also bring red books to the center of your shelf and surround them with little trinkets like snow globes and Santa figurines. It might be tempting to add candles to your festive shelf, but books and flame never go well together. Instead, find fake candles that use batteries. They have the same warm and classic charm without any dangers to your possessions.


Don’t forget about delicious smells

If you want to create a complete Christmas atmosphere in your home, don’t forget about delicious smells. But, what do winter holidays smell like? Think hot chocolate, warm cookies, cinnamon, oranges and fresh pine. Some of these smells will fill your house automatically thanks to all the delicious treats you’re preparing in the kitchen, but others can be welcomed to your space with candles and essential oils. Just visit any store that sells household items, and you’ll find plenty of these classic scents for only a few dollars.


Decorate your entrance

Once you finish decorating the inside of your home, it’s time to pay some attention to the outdoors. After all, your front door and patio decoration is the first thing your guests will see when they come to visit for Christmas. If you want to go very traditional, you can always get a simple evergreen wreath. You can also add some winter charm to your window sills with some greenery cuttings, holly, pinecones and little tinsels for some extra spark. Your guests will be in awe from the moment they see your home to the moment they step inside.

Christmas is a magical holiday that deserves equally magical decoration. So, don’t hesitate to do something special this year and really bring the Christmas spirit into your home!


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