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Classroom Table Problems

This year has been tough so far. But not because of my students. My students are great.  It’s been tough of me teaching wise.  

Tables are a lot worse than desks now that I am a few weeks in and I am not a fan! And having too many props in the room, also doesn’t make things easier. Too many pillows, stuffed animals, objects for kids to play with…. I am struggling to get rid of them but more so finding a home for them in my classroom. 

I think I just felt cluttered. And out of place. It didn’t feel like we were a smooth running machine. If you look at the pictures below, it looked a mess, and I couldn’t deal. 

The pictures above are the newly arranged classroom. I am hoping to best fit my students learning this way. 

Some weren’t able to see over my high table. So I switched that out. Others were sitting on the crates at their table and it was distracting more so than helpful. It just didn’t look organized and I am a very organized person. 

The problem with tables is the fact that they have so many books. They have a plastic drawer where we keep their books but it’s getting up and switching books so often, where as if they had desks, they wouldn’t have to move. 

Also, there are not many ways you can move them where every student is looking at the board and you are not looking at their back. Very. Frustrating. 

They take up a lot of room !! Since I have 18 kids and I can’t clutter them all to tables because they wouldn’t have enough room, I have 5 tables and they are not small, with the down side of my room being smaller. 

So there’s my TGIF and rant about tables.  

Do you have classroom table problems. 

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  1. I had tables when I was student teaching and I absolutely loved them. There was a little cubby under each spot at the table and that is where the textbooks would stay. They were not allowed to put personal items in there so if the seating order needed changed, it was not a problem. They kept their coloring supplies in a box on the shelf along with a couple of folders but they knew the routine and never had to get up during class. There were pencils and checking pencils and dry erase markers on the tables too so they always had what they needed.

  2. Your room looks great! Glad you are feeling better about the new organization. I can totally relate. I have tables in my classroom too. It’s middle school so it’s probably easier because they don’t keep all their stuff in my classroom all day…only 48 minutes. I hope you find it getting easier 🙂

  3. I can relate to the organisation part. I teach Grade 1/2 in Aus and I still can’t find an arrangement that I like in my oddly shaped classroom and there’s only 7 weeks left of the year. I love your alphabet/world mat ? The new setup looks great!

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