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Complete Guide to Eyelash Extensions Styles For Busy Moms

You probably spend most of your days running around, tending to your family’s needs, and working long hours. With little time for yourself, it’s easy to feel like you’re already neglecting your own well-being—that is until you discover a perfect beauty treat for hardworking moms like yourself: eyelash extensions styles.

The beauty of enhanced lashes captivates you, but you’re also a little skeptical about getting them, fearing that they would look unnatural or feel uncomfortable. You want to know more about the treatment before giving them a shot. That’s what this article will discuss.

Discover the benefits of lash extensions and how to make the most of your lash investment.

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions for Busy Moms

Eyelash extensions can make a busy mom’s life easier and more enjoyable. From boosting your confidence to simplifying your makeup methods, let’s explore the different perks of eyelash extensions styles for busy mothers like you.

Eyelash Extensions Styles

Saves Makeup Time

Trying on different makeup looks can already be time-consuming. How much more if you’re a busy mom? Eyelash extensions can provide a quick and convenient way to enhance your natural appearance without adding to your daily routine.

You may skip using mascara, eyeshadow, or other makeup products daily and save more minutes or hours for the more important things instead, like spending quality time with your family.

Boosts Self-Confidence

Gone are the days when you felt you needed to wear makeup to look great. Simply having pretty eyelash extensions styles on will make you feel good about yourself. They’re designed to enhance and complement your natural beauty, giving you a huge confidence boost every single day.

Customizable to Your Liking

Lash extensions can be tailored to fit your unique appearance and personality. If you prefer a more natural, refined style that suits your professional dress code, consider classic lash extensions. Meanwhile, you may like volume lash extensions if you desire a more dramatic, bold, and voluminous look.

However, different styles and considerations are also available for both types (more on this later), so you can always find the perfect fit for your preferences.

A Cost-Effective Beauty Treatment

Unlike fake lashes or mascara, a professional lash technician applies lash extensions for you. Because of this, you can be more confident that the beauty treatment is worth the cost. Yes, lash extensions don’t last forever; they will take several weeks, but a lash tech can always repair or enhance your lash set when necessary.

Getting lash extensions also means eliminating other beauty products like mascara, eyeliner, etc. Imagine how much you can save and use for other things instead! This is another way to see the cost-effectiveness of eyelash extensions. You may perceive a lash service as expensive, but it is actually a good investment in the long run.

Relieves Stress

If you can save time, boost your confidence, and get a treatment worth investing in, your stress levels will improve. Women, especially busy moms like you, perceive beauty treatments as a way to de-stress, relax, and reward themselves for their hard work. A lash extension service can be a happy and relaxing experience, increasing dopamine levels and making you feel better afterward.

How to Make the Most of Your Eyelash Extensions Styles

By this point, we hope you have already decided to try lash extensions. To fully enjoy the benefits of your lash investment, we share a few tips to make the most of your eyelash extensions.

Prepare for the Appointment

There are a few things to know and prepare for before going to your lash appointment.

Remove your eye makeup.

The cleaner your natural lashes are, the stronger the retention of the lash extensions. But whether or not you come to the salon with makeup, your lash technician will remove it and clean the eye area as a preliminary step.

Consult with your lash stylist.

Your lash technician will ask you some questions during the client consultation. This is conducted to ensure that you are in an appropriate condition for lash application and agree with what you will discuss with the lash tech. The consultation also allows lash stylists to get to know their clients better.

Here are a few examples of client consultation queries you may come across.

  • Do you take any medications? (this is to determine whether the meds can potentially trigger an allergic reaction)
  • Are you pregnant?
  • Do you have an eye condition? (e.g., visible ones like blepharitis)
  • What is your normal sleep position?
  • Have you had lash extensions before? If yes, have you ever had a bad experience? Or are you getting them for the first time?
  • What is your preferred genre of music, drink, and scent? (they will set the workplace to your liking so you can relax)
  • Has a special occasion brought you to getting lash extensions?
  • What style are you looking for?
  • Do you work in an office? Are there some rules regarding the appearance or dress code of their employees?

Sign a Consent Form.

You will also sign a consent form before the lash application takes place. This document outlines essential information you should know before the lash tech begins their service. Be sure to read it carefully before agreeing to all terms and conditions.

Determine the Most Suitable Style for Your Eye Shape

Not all lash styles fit every eye shape. So you have to know what styles best suit you and choose the one you like best. But you probably still need to learn your eye shape or what a Butterfly style is. In that case, a lash artist can provide you with a small lash display.

A lash display features all the different lash extensions and styles lash bars offer. This will help you familiarize yourself with specific terms, feel the materials, and pick out a style you’ll be happy with.

But choosing a suitable lash style takes more than just preferences—the rest is up to your lash tech. Let’s review these factors to help you understand more about lash extensions.

A lash tech customizes a lash set for each client to achieve the desired results. This involves several considerations, such as:

  • Lash material
  • Lash curl
  • Lash diameter or thickness
  • Lash length
  • Eye shape

Eye Shapes

While lash technicians can recognize your eye shape and suggest a style, it’s still essential to familiarize yourself with them first. This way, you and your lash tech can come up with more suggestions and a better lash set for your specific needs.

Eye Shapes

  • Almond Eyes – A flexible eye shape; almost all lash styles will suit it
  • Round Eyes – Needs a style that elongates and makes them appear less rounded
  • Elongated Eyes – Long and thin and commonly found in Asian eye shapes
  • Close Set Eyes – An eye set with minimal space between the two inner eye corners. Pick a lash style that visually distances them.
  • Far Set Eyes – An eye set with a larger space between the two inner corners. Pick a lash style that virtually reduces this distance.
  • Monolid Eyes – An eye depth with no creases and is more common in Asians. Pick a natural lash style to complement this eye depth.
  • Deep-Set and Hooded Eyes – An eye depth creating an illusion of a more prominent outline of your brow bone
  • Upward Eyes – An ascending eye plane. Your eyes have an upward outer corner, forming a natural Cat Eye shape. Pick a style that doesn’t emphasize this upward angle.
  • Downward Eyes – A descending eye plane. Your inner eye corners sit slightly higher than the outer corners. Pick a style like Butterfly to lift straight lashes on your outer eye corners.

Meanwhile, here are some popular lash styles to start with.

Classic  Extensions Styles 

  • Open Eye – a natural-looking appearance
  • Cat Eye – a sultry, winged, and sexy appearance
  • Dolly Eye – The most popular classic lash style, which looks like a doll’s eyelashes but is more luxurious. It makes small eye shapes look rounder and more prominent.
  • Butterfly – lightweight and soft, resembling a butterfly’s fluttering wings as you bat your eyelashes

Volume Eyelash Extensions Styles

  • Wispy Eye – the Kim Kardashian signature lash look featuring a feathery butterfly appearance
  • Wet Look – resembles how your lashes look when wet but in a stylish way
  • M/L Curl Eyeliner Style – lifts straight lashes and monolid eyes to produce a long and sharp appearance.

Maintain Your Lashes at Home

The final tip to make the most of your lash extension investment is to know how to maintain them. Your lash tech will give you the following eyelash aftercare instructions.

  1. Avoid wetting your lashes for 4-6 hours after the lash appointment.
  2. Don’t use mascara on your lash extensions.
  3. Use lash shampoo daily to clean your eyes and lashes.
  4. If you wear makeup, use a cleansing wand and a water-based remover to wash it off. Then, apply lash shampoo.
  5. When drying your face, use a fiber-free towel or sponge to prevent your lashes from being pulled off prematurely. That can cause follicle damage and may stop your lashes from growing.
  6. Brush your lashes daily to keep them in great shape.
  7. Avoid saunas, facial steam, fire, and oil-based products.
  8. Don’t rub your eyes, pull on your lashes, or sleep on your face.
  9. Get lash refills every 2-3 weeks.

Eyelash Extensions, a Game-Changing Treat for Diligent Moms

Lash extensions are not only convenient but also a fantastic way to pamper a busy mom like yourself after a long day. After reading this article, we hope you’re ready to book your first appointment.

You no longer have to spend time putting makeup on every morning; your lashes will do this job perfectly. With this beauty treatment, you can enjoy a low-maintenance yet fabulous look that will make you feel confident and put-together, even on your busiest days.

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