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6 Tips for Co-Sleeping With Your Baby

I had been co-sleeping with my baby since her first week. And, I just love it!

Yes, you just read it! I CO-SLEEP with my BABY!

The entire concept of the co-sleeping has quite become a hot topic when it comes to discussing motherhood and parenting. However, unlike many others, I belong to that society where co-sleeping is actually THE norm! And trust me, it’s actually quite safe than you ever thought.



Before breaking it down, let me explain what co-sleeping actually means.


What is it?

Co-sleeping basically means sleeping quite close to the baby. This can mean sharing your bed with your baby or even letting her sleep in a bassinet or a crib closer to your bed, basically sharing the same room.



There were indeed quite a lot of facts and “myths” revolving around this concept. But I got to know the truth only when I personally started practicing it. So, in today’s post I decided to let you know why I think co-sleeping with your baby is actually a wonderful idea.


Co-sleeping makes breastfeeding at nights easier


I just can’t emphasize this more! When I was back in hospital my girl used to sleep in her crib. Soon after the discharge, I started sharing the same bed with my baby and, feedings at night, definitely became a job, but a lot easier. When my girl was just few weeks old, I used to get up just on the bed and feed her on the cradle position. Due to this, I used to get quite a good deal of sleep. And yes, that helped me quite a lot with my breastmilk supply as well. Yes, I did try out lots of foods that can help in increasing breastmilk, but it was mainly my sleep that boosted the ultimate milk supply.



And that makes babies sleep more…


If your baby is sleeping in another room, even in the same room in the bassinet or crib, it might take a while for you to get up and then pacify her. On the other hand, co-sleeping with your baby can help reduce that duration. Since I co-sleep with my baby, even her slightest woos stirs me up, after which I breastfeed her while lying down. This greatly helps her fall back to sleep quite soon.



Decreases SIDS risks


My baby often sleeps in abrupt positions, which I have to correct every time I wake up. This helped me a lot to prevent chances of SIDS. A worldwise research has shown that countries where co-sleeping with babies is actually the norm has witnessed lesser cases of SIDS (Sudden Infants Death Syndrome). Babies who sleep in the same beds with their parents are known to have fourfold decrease with respect to the occurrence of SIDS. One of the biggest reasons behind this is because co-sleeping babies mostly sleep on their backs.




Helps building bonds


Now this is probably one of my favorite reasons! Since I had been co-sleeping since her first week, my baby has somehow developed a special bond, not just with me but also with her father. Co-sleeping helps building an attachment that makes the baby feel secure and most importantly, cared for. This helps fostering infancy and in releasing the magical “love hormone” called oxytocin, which further aids in building a stronger attachment.



Boosting developments


Co-sleeping with baby, even in the same room, helps developing her senses. They learn responding to others’ sensory signals such as movements, touches and sounds. She gradually yet steadily starts learning the special touch and the warmth of their mothers.






Waking up next to the magical smile

Nothings beats the satisfaction and happiness of waking up next to a smiling baby! Every time I see her waking up beside me, I literally wait for her magical smile. Her smile just makes my day!



Do you like the practice of co-sleeping? Let us know in the comments. Also, if you can relate to these experiences don’t forget to hit the share button.




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