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7 Creative Tips to Make Your Living Room Luxurious

Apart from the kitchen, the most important room in our home is ‘the living room’ where most of the life activities happen. It’s the space for you to sit and relax and your kids play and hop around. Space where your family and guests gather around and you spend most of your lazy evening by the fire.

Since it’s the first place that you and your guests hit on too, you surely want it to look luxurious. A look that compels the guests to laud its elegance and style and your relatives cannot stop admiring. If you are not willing to spend busloads of cash, then congratulations, you are at the right place! After self-experimenting and consulting with some esteemed professional interior designers, I have come up with some ingenious ways of decorating. These will help you to create a plush-looking and awe-inspiring space.


1. Master the Lighting Concept

Lighting plays the most important role in defining a space which is ignored most of the time. It directly affects the mood of a room and works towards adding depth to the room. So, to add to the charismatic look, you can use lamps with different base and shade sizes. Or even consider hanging pendant lights and placing candles in beautiful glass containers to boost the luxuriousness of the place. Fixing sconces on walls is another affordable way to alleviate the ambiance of your place.


2. Build an Eye for Art


An art-piece or an attractive canvas print acts as a great wall display! A perfectly sized, attention-grabbing multi-canvas wall displays ingrained luxe feel. Even experts say that the bigger the canvas or the framed art, the more high-end the room will feel. Therefore, large artworks offer an expensive gallery look to your place. There are many websites from where you can buy these wall displays, canvas frames and much more at budget-friendly prices. If you are not into art, you can hang an oversized piece of exquisite photo frames in black and brighter. Friends, it surely raises the bar to your living standards whilst giving an elegant look. Canvas pieces matching to your furniture and flooring gives your living room a wow factor.


3. Good Rugs Raise the Game

Another essential part of home décor are rugs, used to brighten up the ambiance and offer warmth and comfort. Small rugs make your living room look dwarf. So, find a rug that fits under all of your furniture covering the floor to make it look bigger and brighter. Friends, it surely raises the bar on your living standards whilst giving an elegant look. It also helps your furniture outshine the space which is required most of the times. In case you are not willing to buy costly rugs, hence buying rugs made of jute and sisal can be very cost-efficient.


4. Lush Curtains- Elevate Your Living Room


Follow this thumb rule to give your living room an expensive look- “Never ever buy draperies that are too short.” This is because they look cheap as if they have been taken from some flea market. So, always hang the window treatments high on the wall or even from the ceiling. Long falling curtains give an illusion of a high ceiling which is a common trait found in many luxurious rooms. If expensive curtains don’t fit in your budget, then you can double the number of draperies. This hides the flaws in them. Consider buying solid color curtains as they are not costly and give the room a high-end look.


5. Accessorize the Room Ingeniously

When I myself decorated my room, I found a vintage piece at a local store. I could not resist purchasing it as it gave a rich look and came so cheap. Going well with the other stuff in my room, it complemented the accessories in the room. Hence, I feel using small accessories of luxe-looking materials is a little trick to give the room a more glamorous look. It can be anything from coasters to trays to candlesticks to mirrors to vintage displays, etc. These detailed lavish looking items leave an impression of high-living in the minds of your visitors.


6. Impart Wisdom

Try giving your living room a sense of wisdom by placing some historical elements such as statues, books, etc. Else, if you have got any pieces from the era of your ancestors, you can showcase the same on the table. It generates curiosity in the minds of the guests, and they want to know all about it.


7. Last but Not the Least- Simplify Styling

I understand that we all have the need to accessorize our living room in order to meet our imagined standards. But what do you think an over-accessorized room will look like? A mess, obviously! Cut the frills and only keep the accessories that hold sentimental value to you. Simplicity in your room will then let other elements shine while giving an impression of a bigger space. Thus, let your living room breathe with you and still look awesome.
Ready to Decorate?

It is always possible to decorate your living space the way you want if you set your mind for it. I hope with these above tips, you will be able to design and decorate your living room efficiently. All you need to do is get out of your couch and follow the easy tips described above one by one. Let your ‘Living Room’ look chic and expensive.


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Dorothy Gracious

Dorothy Gracious is a licensed interior design professional with a work experience of over 10 years. Presently working as a freelancer, she strives to make people's living quarters artfully composed and aesthetic whilst maintaining comfort. She enjoys working with canvas prints, wall art, decorations, and next-generation design tools to turn buildings into homes, and houses into heavenly adobes.

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