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Creative Ways for Military Families to Stay in Touch Over the Holidays

Holidays are meant to be time spent with the family and when we can’t spend it with the family, sometimes we are smiling a little less. Being a military family, we tend to have to spend most holidays without our families. We are always struggling to keep in touch with family and making it meaningful.  SmileMail can help you keep in touch with your family even when you can’t be together. Read on to find out more about SmileMail and how to brighten your family’s day during the holidays.



What is SmileMail?

Even though we are in the day and age of internet and technology, getting something the mail (that isn’t from Amazon) can make someone feel really special. When we tend to send out Christmas cards, we usually buy them in bulk and don’t personalize them. Yes, this saves time and shows pictures of the family, but it doesn’t make anything special for the family members you send it to. I never thought about it like that until I started receiving a ton of family photo cards and having to write out my own that it is a thoughtless process.


Luckily, SmileMail has an amazing personal touch that is added to every card: your voice! We recently sent one to my mom across the country and the card happened to arrive when we were on a Facetime call with her. My mom opened her card to the surprise of my daughter’s voice saying how much she missed her, and she loved it so much. And that was just a random card we had sent! SmileMail is a great tool for keeping in touch with family members and it’s so easy to send, they have an App for that! Honestly the fact that you don’t have to fill out envelopes, you can fill it out from your phone, record a voice message, add your own photos, and they put it into a card for you! Amazing!


SmileMail greeting cards


SmileMail makes voice recorded greeting cards, which play your message when opened. You record and customize your card on the app, and they create and physically mail it for you. Anyone can send a SmileMail, however they are specifically focused on helping military families keep in touch, especially during deployment. Take a look at some of the ways that SmileMail can help you stay in touch over the holidays.



Deployment? These are your cards

One of the main ideas behind SmileMail was the CEO & Founder Alex Harding had been working as a government contractor in military family housing. During that time, he saw the many difficulties that military families went through during deployments of their loved ones. He worked hard to open SmileMail so that military families can have an easier way to stay in touch during deployments and military moves. Make sure you download the app to see how easy it is to send these cards! They will really make the person receiving them smile, especially when they hear your voice or your child’s voice. Use the deployment countdown package as your choice of cards.



Family lives far? These are your cards

If you are a military family like us, then you live far from your family. We live in Washington State and all of our family is in New York and Pennsylvania. That means that we only see them a few times a year and get to celebrate even less holidays. SmileMail is perfect for us because we can send pictures of our daughter Hailey to my parents and my husband’s family. When they open up the card, it plays her voice! No one expects it and the smile is amazing. We watched my mom open hers on the phone and she loved it!


With the Love Letter Subscription Package you can send letters back and forth with families! How cool is that? So, if you child goes away to college, this would be the perfect package. Moving away from your family because your PCSing? These letters are perfect for your kids to send their grandparents or their aunts and uncles. Your military member is away for a 3-month training before deployment? Send them a card so they can keep their children’s voices with them wherever they go.




Not sure what you need? These are your cards

Not sure what cards to get? Luckily, there are so many choices! SmileMail has got you covered. If you are looking to make personalized cards for the holidays this year instead of the generic ones, they have card packs for you. This is where you can purchase a set of cards and get a discount! Plus, you can use my discount below and get a steal for these amazing cards!  This is the best deal and the fact that you can choose the cards and get a discounted rate is amazing. Make sure to use my code too TWL20 for 20% off.




Get yours now

The holidays are coming up quicker than you think! Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Because it came so late this year, Christmas will come even faster than normal! The time deadline to get cards out on time is coming up fast. Use the code TWL20 to get 20% off of your first order this year! It expires December 1st, so make sure to get it in ASAP! December 1st happens to be the Sunday after Thanksgiving, so no time to delay. SmileMail is a brand-new company and you definitely need to be a part of this amazing new experience! Think of this holiday season as a new season of traditions. Make sending a card snail mail as special as it can possibly be.


This post is sponsored by SmileMail. All thoughts and ideas in this post are 100% my own. 

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    1. Thank you!! Holidays are sometimes the worst as a military family 🙁 We try to stay positive and make the best of it <3

  1. Such a GREAT idea!! We live right next to an AF base so I’ll have to share with all my friends who are military spouses. And these are great for military friends who are now stationed somewhere else.

    1. Yes!! This is truly a wonderful way for military families to stay in touch with their loved ones.

  2. These cards are so beautiful and sweet! I think they would make the perfect gift for a loved one who is away.

  3. I’m sure holidays are the hardest on any family apart. These are great tips and these specifically are so cute.

  4. That is such a neat idea/special touch, the audio recording. And the cards themselves are such beautiful watercolors, too! 🙂

  5. I love this. When we were younger, and my brother first enlisted into the Military I wish we had this. My brother was my best friend, and I missed him terribly when he was deployed.

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