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A Guide For Dads To Being Involved In The Child Care Process

April 15, 2018
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Some fathers are reluctant to get involved in every aspect of their toddler’s life, perhaps from fear of being a fish out of water, which might have a negative impact on the child. Actually, you can play a major role in your child’s care centre experience, and with that in mind, here are some guidelines on how best to do that.


  • Be Enthusiastic – When you see your child in the evening, ask about their day. Many fathers make the mistake of thinking that their child is too young for certain conversation, and they try too hard to keep things simple, when you should be talking to your child in simple sentences and eliciting a response. Seeing that dad is so happy about the child care centre will reinforce the feeling of security and it will also demonstrate a high level of interest on your part, something that strengthens the father-child bond. If you have yet to source a care centre, there is an excellent child care Brisbane residents go to, and your child will enjoy it so much, you won’t be able to avoid being involved.


  • Accompany Your Child On Occasions – The best way to become involved is to offer to take junior to the child care centre sometimes, and no matter how busy you are, you can always find the time to watch your child explore and learn in a new environment for the first time. This will also give your child an added sense of pride, the fact that dad has taken the trouble to visit will be most enthusiastically received. If you would like some inspiration on the best father-child activities, refer to some helpful guides online.


  • Ask Questions – This is one way of making your child feel loved, and the asking of questions will also reinforce the important social lessons the child received at the child care centre, not to mention the feeling of importance that dad takes the time to enquire. Always make sure that you listen the their response and make it a routine thing to both sit and talk for a while in the early evening, and this can always take place at the weekend, if the evenings are not possible.


With such a fast pace of modern urban society, we sometimes have to consider what is more important, and becoming involved with your young child’s development is a great way to strengthen that parental bond.  Finding the time to spend with your child at an early age brings with it so many benefits, for both parent and child, and with the right child care centre, your son or daughter will be more than ready for their first year at school.


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