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Daily Prompt: Flames

I recently found the Daily Post prompts of the day/ week and I think I am going to try it out. Not sure if I will ping back correctly because that whole situation is new to me but here it goes. 

When I hear the word Flames, I think of what happened this week in our country. I think of how people are rioting and hating on each other based on the president elect Donald Trump. 

It’s so terrible. What does it really accomplish? Besides destroying our cities. I get the free speech and right to voice it and show it and whatever, but people on social media and outside of it are taking it to a whole different level. 

I have seen posts on Facebook where others are saying that even their friends that voted for Donald trump are not their friends anymore.  

It’s absurd. The fact that people will just dismiss friendships because of different views of politics. If I was to judge all my friends on choices they’ve made in the past on things outside of politics, well I would have no friends. 

Hypocrisy is ridiculing our country and people think they are entitled to riot and push back. Hoping that a president of the United States fails when we live here, well that’s hoping that we all fail. 

The flames of being entitled to your opinion are ripping this country apart.  It’s so sad. 

I think about my kids at school. I get that we don’t agree with the presidential choice but we need to show unity to our youth and teach them how to be respectful. So far we have taught them to cry and destroy shit when they don’t get their way. 

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