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4 Tips for Dealing with Sinus Issues During Allergy Season

Sinus issues can rear their ugly head in many situations. Sometimes your sinuses will become completely clogged because you’re dealing with fall and spring allergies. At other times it will seem nearly impossible to breathe when struggling with a winter cold. Sinus pain and pressure combined with nasal congestion can be incredibly uncomfortable, painful, and make it nearly impossible to fall asleep.

The best sinus doctors in Parker CO can definitely help make it easier to breathe again. But, if you feel like taking additional steps in addition to your doctor’s orders, we have tips and suggestions to help you effectively deal with sinus problems to put you on the road to recovery as soon as possible.



Tip #1: Determine the Problem

To experience maximal ear, nose, and throat health, the first step to recovery is determining your problem in the first place. The reason you suffer from sinus issues could be different than you originally imagined, so it’s best to set an appointment with an ENT specialist to have them determine the true cause of your sinus woes.

Some potential issues include nasal polyps, narrowed sinus passages, or potentially even a deviated septum. These problems can and will block your nasal passages and make it nearly impossible for your nose to drain.

Can you determine which nasal problem you suffer from? If not, your best bet is to get a proper diagnosis from a qualified professional. That’s why ear, nose, and throat doctors exist in the first place.


Tip #2: Clearing out the Nasal Cavity

After you’ve spent time finding the right doctor and received the proper diagnosis, your next step is to use a saline solution to clean out your nasal cavity. Right now, your sinuses are overloaded at the moment – and this is especially true if you’re having a tough time breathing.

So, go to your local pharmacy and pick up a Neti pot. This nasal irrigation system is perfect because it will effectively clear out the excess mucus, irritants, and allergies from your nasal passage. Or if you prefer, pick up a saline spray from the drugstore in lieu of a Neti pot. Both are very effective.


Tip #3: Breathe Clean Air

Unfortunately, in many cases, the air we breathe is filled with many different types of pollutants. There are pollutants from automobiles, cleaning products, cigarettes, hairspray, and just about anything that creates pollution in the air or fumes for you to breathe.

Guess what? These additional pollutants can actually exacerbate your nasal and sinus issues. So breathing in pollution free, clean air is definitely your best bet to put yourself on the road to recovery.

Do you smoke? If you answered yes, it’s time to say goodbye to this nasty habit. While you’re at it, avoid being in the same room with other smokers if they smoke indoors. Or if you can’t avoid them, tell them to smoke outside.

Air filters are ideal for removing unwanted particles from the air. They can remove allergens like pet dander, pollen, and dust mites. So pick up a high-quality filter or two and begin cleaning the air pollution from your home.



Tip #4: Medications Certainly Never Hurt

It’s also wise to use medications in combination with all of the other tips mentioned thus far. Decongestants like pills and nasal spray can ease the pain and stuffiness caused by clogging and sinus pressure. Or you can use anti-inflammatory medication and pain relievers, antihistamine medication, or even nasal steroids depending on your particular issue or set of issues.


Final Thoughts

Clearing your sinuses will definitely improve the quality of your life. You’ll feel more alert and awake, you’ll breathe easier, and you’ll no longer feel too clogged or congested. If you’re sick and tired of your sinuses being sick and tired, we recommend implementing the tips shared today. They’ll help improve the quality of your life tenfold and before long your sinus problems will be nothing but a distant memory.


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