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Why Moms Need to Think Before Drinking an Energy Drink

When coffee doesn’t seem to do the job anymore, moms and dads are starting to turn to energy drinks to help cope with their lack of sleep and energy during the day. Plus trying to get back into shape after baby, they have been looking for the perfect drink to help with losing weight and having more energy. But what they don’t know is the adverse effects that these energy drinks are really having on them. Here is why it’s important to think before you drink an energy drink.


Do you know what it has in it?

Many times, we pick up new drinks based on the wrappers around the drink or food. The energy drinks shows that is has an enhanced form of creatine. The idea is that creatine allows the body to produce more energy. With more energy, athletes can work harder and achieve more. So, in theory that sounds great right? Unfortunately, it does not contain creatine, and definitely not an enhanced form of creatine. Actually, there was a lawsuit about this claim. In the end, some energy drink’s research stated that the “super creatine” they have in their drink likely does not have the same effect on the human body that actual creatine does.

Energy drinks can’t cure anything!

Okay maybe they can cure tiredness, for the time being. We can give it that. However, some energy drinks claims to help cure Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease and other forms of dementia. It also claims to reserve mental retardation. These are extremely large claims for an energy drink company to use. After watching videos from the CEO of the company, it almost looks like he is mocking these diseases by sharing this information. It’s quite disturbing actually.


Nutrients that are missing

Another important piece is what is missing in energy drinks. Some claim to have significant amounts of BCAAs and CoQ10 in their drink. However, testing has confirmed that they has significantly lower counts, causing little to no impact on the body. If you are unsure what CoQ10 is, it is a nutrient that occurs naturally in the body, and it acts as an antioxidant, protecting cells from damage and plays a big role in metabolism. So this is something that a mom would actually want to be in there drink, however, they have little to none of.

As for BCAAs, they are essential amino acids that compromise about 35% of your body’s muscle protein. They are essential because your body doesn’t make them on its own, you have to get them from food and workout supplements. So when something you are eating and drinking says they have these specific nutrients, you believe it! But if you are only getting .15 BCAA grams per can with some energy drinks, that is significantly less than what they have advertised with their drinks.


Final thoughts

Getting in shape and trying to be healthy are important parts of your life. Another important part would be knowing exactly what you are eating and drinking and if they are healthy for you. Not everything you are going to eat, or drink will be what is best for your body. But it’s important that you make that choice for yourself, and not companies who are labeling their products incorrectly. Stay informed and take back those decisions so you can make them yourselves.





This is a sponsored post;  However all my thoughts are my own and came directly from my own research online.

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