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7 Easy Hacks for a Dust and Allergy-Free Home

While this can happen to anyone, experiencing allergy attacks can be prevented. In fact, just by keeping a dust-free and allergy-free home is really a big help! Often times, homeowners, even a home designer, would not bother to dust-off their properties and things. And little did they know that dust and dirt are huge factors to allergy attacks.


Feather dusters cause dust to settle somewhere

So, if you want a ultimately dust and allergy-free home, these hacks might help you out:

Feather dusters are marketed as a great tool to dust-off things and properties. But, have you noticed how the dust scatter around the place when you use feather duster in the process? It is true though that feather dusters just allow the dust to settle somewhere else. And using it just triples the risks of inhaling them.


So, instead of using these feather dusters, try to utilize a much more effective cleaning tool like a vacuum. Tools that suck up the dust and dirt are more effective in an allergy-free home. They don’t allow them to scatter around the house. Hence, the next time you plan to clean your home or property, use vacuums and mops.


Stop moisture build up in your fridge

Airborne bacteria are also a major factor to allergies. And do you know where you can get these bacteria? — in your fridge. Yes, in your fridge, where your food is stored and kept. This is because the moisture build-up is much more apparent in this place.

In order for you to lessen the bacteria inside your home, you must stop this kind of build-up. And one of the best ways to do this is to actually place a newspaper in the fridge compartments where moisture is present. This will entirely stop the build-up that can cause bacteria that hypes up your allergies. Оба сайта конторы БК предлагают одинаковую регистрацию: игрок проходит стандартную процедуру, чтобы получить доступ к финансовым mosbet С рейтингом всех букмекерских контор для беттеров из Узбекистана можно ознакомиться по следующей ссылк

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Slippers in the Home

The shoes and pieces of footwear that you use outdoors are effective carriers of different dust, dirt, and bacteria. And when you let these “in” inside your home, you and the rest of the family can easily attract them causing for allergy attacks.

So, in order for you to eliminate this, you can encourage each member of the family to wear a separate pair of slippers when inside the house for an allergy-free home. Just make sure that these slippers won’t have a contact in the outside world. Plus, this will make your life way easier when you plan to have a general cleaning!




Flush out potential dust traps

There are quite a lot of dust traps inside a home. Bookshelves and cabinets are some of the most apparent. They can also be your carpet or your coffee table. As it happens, there are a lot of things inside your home that can attract and trap dust and dirt.

And the best thing that you can do to make your home really dust and allergy-free home is to eliminate these things. Try to look for alternatives and solutions to these items.

In the case of bookshelves, cabinets, and cupboards, make sure that you have them with doors and covers. For carpets, try to eliminate this and invest in hardwood flooring. But if not, you may want to invest in a good carpet cleaner. For more cleaning tips to get allergy-free please have a look at this article.


Be changed and washed once a week

Your beddings are also one of the most notorious dust traps inside your home. And the best way that you can do omit the chances of inhaling dust and dirt is to actually change and wash them once a week.

Bedding accessories like bed sheets, blankets, and pillow-cases must be changed and washed once a week. For the mattresses and pillows, you may want to beat, wash, and expose them under the sun.

As it happens, anyone can experience allergy attacks. This is just normal since it is how the body would react to allergens. For some, the effects would be minimal. It may include sneezing and coughing. Others, however, find it quite difficult to cope with allergy attacks because the intensity is quite serious.

If in case that you find it difficult to do this on your mattress once a week, then you may want to invest in  allergen-barrier beddings which are very effective in eliminating dust and dirt build-up.


Chase mold out of the way

Mold blooms from areas where moist and water are present. So, you would see this usually on your kitchen and bathroom. Now, this is something that you may want to eliminate since it can largely cause allergy attacks to anyone inside the house. What you can do is to scrub these areas regularly. And once done, keep these areas dry as much as possible so there would be no mold build-up. Also, you may want to use natural essences and non-harmful solutions in cleaning these areas. This will help them stay dry, fresh, and clean even when you use them all the time.



Invest in a washer dryer

A washer dryer in your kitchen is a great investment. As mentioned, the areas in your house where water and moist are always present could be a great factor to mold and bacteria build-up. And certainly, especially in the kitchen, there are things that are almost always exposed to moist and water. Utensils and kitchen tools are great examples.

These things could enable dirt, dust, and mold to build-up as well if not cleaned and dried properly. So, an effective and efficient washer dryer could help you in resolving such concerns.



Final Thoughts

Now, these hacks are found to be effective and reliable since many homeowners do these things on regular basis. In fact, they attest to having no allergy attacks inside their homes. So, if you want a dust and allergy-free home, you may want to apply these hacks as well on your day-to-day living inside your home. 



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