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Easy to Do First Trimester Exercises for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a stage that requires you to change and tweak your workout routines. It means that you need to avoid some exercises that may put extreme strain on your body. Part of the tweaking will include- limiting weights, not doing too much cardio and understanding your body’s new fatigue indicators. This change needs to start as early as the first trimester. So, here’s a list of exercises that you can follow for your first-trimester workout routine, helping to keep you and your baby fit and safe.


Best  First Trimester  Pregnancy Exercises

With consultation with your medical practitioner, you can go forward with your first-trimester workout. Start with warming up, stretching and end with cooling down during your workouts. Remember to hydrate as well.


Prenatal  Yoga

It is considered a complete workout, building strength, has cardio, increases flexibility and also makes labor easier. At least once a  week for about 10 minutes is all you need to reap the benefits.

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Just like prenatal yoga, Pilates incorporates strength, flexibility, and cardio, creating a perfect workout routine that is low intensity but highly effective. It increases blood flow and when taught by an expert is safe to follow through the entire pregnancy. Do once a week.



Squats are one of the best exercises for pregnant women. This is an exercise that builds lower body strength. It is a great way to build your calves, hamstrings, and quads. By making your groin region stronger, it is known to help reduce pain during the delivery. You can do 10-15 repetitions three times a week.



Swimming is a great way to strengthen and tone your body. It is a good cardio workout and being a non-impact activity, it does not put any strain on the joints. You can go for 3-4 sessions a week with a single session no more than 30 minutes.

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Jogging at a comfortable pace can help build stamina, increase blood flow and keeps the body limber. Just don’t over-exert yourself, keep it comfortable. You can go for 3 times a week if you’re a seasoned jogger.



Another great exercise for pregnant women is spinning. It is great for aerobic workouts. Also intense, yet low impact. Increases your heart rate, improving your metabolism and burns calories. Approximately one hour in a week is enough.



Weights are a great way to build strength and toning your muscles all over. It will help you to avoid unnecessary weight gain during later stages of pregnancy. But remember that you shouldn’t lift weights that are too heavy, ensure to maintain form during the workout and don’t lock joints. Low-intensity workouts twice a week are sufficient.



These exercises for pregnant women making up the first-trimester workout can be extremely beneficial if safe and controlled manner. Just don’t forget to take enough rest, eat healthily and a well-balanced diet, and consume enough water to help the body recover and become strong. Listen to your body and never over-exert yourself.


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