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An Ebook Worth Reading About Self-Care

Sometimes it is hard to take care of yourself when you have so many other things to take care of first. I recently started looking into ways that I could make sure that I was getting care that I needed too. Besides taking time to go to the gym, read some books, blog, get my nails done, get my hair done once in a while, use some spa products, etc.

I found an ebook called “The Self Care Journey” and I honestly have never read an eBook before but once I started looking into it, I was drawn in. I have a hard time trying to make time for myself and I decided that I need to set aside 5 minutes a day for myself but I never know what to do with that time. This ebook was perfect because it helped me to determine what I was going to do with the 5 minutes of my time and keep track of it. It helps to hold you accountable because you know you are always the last important thing in the day.

Throughout the ebook, it gives you a place to write down all of your experiences and answers and it gives you ideas in case, like me, you run out of ideas of how to take care of yourself.

In the ebook, it gives you a list of the Five Types of Self Care. One of them I am struggling with at the moment called “Physical Self Care”. I am finding it harder than usual to get exercise in this summer with all of the activities that I have set up for myself this summer. With a schedule that changes daily, it’s hard to get my routine down again and it’s been making me feel bad about myself. Anyone else have this problem? Well this ebook gives you a ton of different ideas and ways to fit things like that in and then a great way to reflect on it.

We teach kids in school to reflect on their day in the classroom and to reflect on their work during the school year. This is something that we all need to do in our everyday lives. We as moms need to reflect on our own days and our own lives in order to be able to stay sane! Taking the few minutes a day for ourselves really can change how we view our lives and set our motives for the day.

One other really amazing part of this book was talking about setting up a support system for yourself. This is huge. When you are a mom, stay at home or working outside the house, you need to have support. You cannot do it all by yourself. I mean you can but you don’t have to! This support system includes significant others, family members, friends and more. A support system is so key. Make sure you check out the ebook for more information.

Here is the link to buy the ebook. The prices is $20 but it’s so worth it. Trying to include time in your life for yourself is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Hopefully you can use this ebook to help you set aside time for yourself and jump starting your reflections and writing, I know I have.


{This post was sponsored in exchange for an honest review. Please see my disclaimer information.}

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