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4 Educational Math Games for the Family

As the school year gets back into the swing of things, finding educational math games is hard to do, especially fun ones! In third grade we are beginning multiplication so trying to find games that are fun and not too hard for them to understand is really difficult. Anything that I can find to get my kiddos to want to learn math let alone multiplication is huge.

It is important for me as a teacher to find engaging products that can enhance the learning of my students and make it fun for them. I have had a hard time finding products for math to use during math centers.

One of my favorite math games for my students to play is using Math Gear created by Adventuretown Toys. As you can see in the pictures below, students are using the Math Gear as partner work. It can be used by partners or individual work. Each page of this learning device has number 1-12. Students can turn the dial to multiple numbers 1-12 on the page. They can lift the flap to reveal the solution.

I have Math Gear in my Math centers for my students to either work with a partner or by themselves.

I allowed the students to create games with them or gave options:

  1. Quiz each other on the facts and write down the ones they get right. The first student to get the most right in 5 minutes wins.
  2. Take turns going through all the facts until the person misses one and then its the next students turn.
  3. Time each other who can get through the most in 1 minute.

Having lots of options for students keeps the games in the centers relevant. It also keeps them wanting to continue using them instead of just putting them to the side.

My students love having this as a rotation in their Math Daily 5 center. I recommend if you are struggling with Math centers as I was that you find some fun and engaging math games to include in there. Adventuretown Toys also has Addition, Subtraction, and Division Math Gear. Having one of each would be an amazing idea for your Math Centers for practice! Even up to 5th grade you could use all 4 if you have really low students who need to practice, this would be a great way for them to do that.


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